Trail Etiquette

The trails managed by the Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA) are multi-use, year-round. This time of year, you may see hikers, bikers, runners and snowshoers using the trail network. Every user is out there likely for the same reason, to get some fresh air, exercise and enjoy the views. Keep that in mind when you are out on the trails, and be kind and respectful to all trail users. 

Here are a few tips to make it enjoyable for everyone. 

1. The uphill rider has the right of way. We have numerous multi directional trails in Fernie so this is a key thing to keep in mind. Downhill riders should slow and/or pull over for uphill traffic. Making noise on two-way trails, especially on blind corners is a great idea!
2. Clean up after your dog. We love seeing your furry friends out there enjoying the trails, too but no one likes stepping or riding over a pile of poop. It’s also not very good for the environment. 

3. Use common sense. Sometimes the rules of the trails may need to be modified. For example, if you see a young person or someone new to the sport you may need to give them the right of way even if you are climbing. Have compassion for those who may be trying the sport for the first time. 
4. Do your best to yield to non-motorized users (runners and hikers) and again, making noise especially downhill is helpful.
5. Be kind to yourself. Dress warm, layers are key this time of year. Bring enough fluids and food so you can enjoy your adventure. 
This month’s route is along the new Fairy Creek Falls trail completed in August of this year. Start at the Fernie Visitor Centre and enjoy a beautiful hike along the creek to the waterfalls. It’s a very gradual grade with lots of opportunities to take in the views and enjoy nature. 
Time: 30 – 60 minutes
Distance: Approx. 5km
Difficulty: Green

Photo by Krista Turcasso