Trail Culture

When you think of culture things like art, heritage and music might come to mind. In Fernie biking is actually also a huge part of our culture. All you have to do is take a look down Main Street on a warm, sunny, summer day and the patios and streets are full of bikers either heading out for a ride or returning and enjoying a snack or beverage on one of our busy patios.

When you bump into a friend or co-worker often the first topic of conversation is where you rode that day or where you plan on riding.

The biking community has really accelerated in probably the last five years in Fernie. Events continue to be well-attended including some of our local favourites, Tears and Gears, High Roller and Project 9 race. In addition, outside events return including the TransRockies and Trans BC Enduro this year.

The enthusiasm for biking and the competitive nature of Fernie’s residents sparked the formation of the Fernie Mountain Bike Race Team a few years ago. There are approximately 30 racers involved taking part in races locally as well as all over the world. The team has a fun and social element meeting up every Monday night for a ride followed by pizza and beverages.

The Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA) has been an integral part in keeping the biking culture going with the ongoing trail maintenance and new trail development. The Thursday night work parties continue to be popular with both new and old volunteers coming out each week.

The biking community continues to support Fernie by drawing visitors to take part in our world-class trail network whether just for fun or to attend an event. Local shops, restaurants and accommodation providers are reaping the benefits of this culture. The benefits continue to grow year-round with the popularity of fat biking. The FTA’s Winter Trail Grooming Committee will continue to work hard next winter to provide groomed trail options for all trail users.

This culture will continue to grow as we move forward with fresh events, trail development, and fundraisers to keep us rolling. The FTA is open to your ideas! Make sure to get in touch with trail maintenance and development projects you are keen on. Email