Trail to Ale

We hope you enjoyed our Spin to Win contests and were able to participate in a few of our great events. As the summer comes to a close why not try something new to challenge yourself? Can you bag three peaks in 24 hours? Sure you can! Do the Fernie Brewery Co.’s Trail to Ale Challenge. The three peaks include Hyperventilation, Project 9 and Swine Flu.  How you do it is your choice and in the order you like. Here is how I like to get it done.

Start at the barn and take Montane for a nice warm up to Uprooted. Continue climbing up, cross River Rd. and stay left (the “hard way,” it is a challenge after all) to Hyperventilation. The real work begins here with a couple of punchy climbs and tons of switchbacks to keep you on your game. Enjoy the descent down Hyperextension. Take a right on River Rd. and quick left on Elk Valley Trail following it back to the barn. Continue until you hit Cokato Rd. Cross the road and take the path to Hwy 3 for the next adventure, Project 9.

Turn left on the Hwy and make your way to Burma Road. Watch for a small parking lot and trailhead on the left to Phat Bastard. Yes another climb! Cross the powerline and continue up Mushroom Head and down the other side. Take a right on powerline and quick left down Stove. Stay right at the bottom and enjoy some recovery on the Lazy Lizard Connector. Once you hit the road turn right to bag your next peak. Follow the signs to Project 9 for a short but nasty climb. Don’t forget to snap your photo at the top, a great excuse for a break! Let it rip on the descent in the rock gardens and steeper sections to follow. Watch for the Lazy Lizard Connector intersection on the left and take that back to Stove. Climb Stove and Mushroom Head then let it rip on Red Sonja. Turn left on Burma Road for your last peak!

Take a right on Canyon Trail, cross the Fairy Creek Pedestrian Bridge and head up the single track for your final climb. Swine is the easiest of the three, with a few punchy sections and lots of switchbacks. Enjoy the downhill and stay left following the signage to Visitor Centre. From here you are moments away from enjoying a tasty beverage on Fernie Brewing Co.’s patio. Enjoy it, you earned it!

For more information on the rules and the brewery hours visit Please note with the backcountry closure, this contest cannot be completed until the trails reopen.

Distance:  Approx. 45 km (depending on chosen route)
Elevation Gain: 1200 meters +
Time: Approx. 4hrs +
Difficulty: Black