Swine Flu "No Skwish" Re-Route

Have you been riding Swine Flu? Have you been troubled by mud just past the cattleguard and to the right?

Well....fret no more - your friendly neighborhood Fernie Trails Alliance has come up with a solution called "Swine no skwish". The destruction that is happening to the wet areas is putting our access to this area in jeopardy.

WE NEED TO TAKE THIS ALTERNATE ROUTE SO THAT ACCESS IS CONTINUED (yes...that was in BOLD and ALL CAPS on purpose). Let's not lose access to this incredible trail, please everyone take this alternate route until further notice.

And....just to add - Trailforks is an incredible resource not just for wayfinding but also for updating the status of the trail (ie - snow, mud, dry, wet etc.)

P.S. remember - absolutely NO DOGS are allowed in this area as they have been chasing the cows...which is very bad. Our continued access also depends on compliance with the NO DOGS rule.