Summer Trail Love

Our multi-use trails have already received some love this year with lots more to come! The purchase of two e-bikes and a trailer has allowed our Trail Crew and volunteers to tune up our trails even faster! Supporting local, the e-bikes were purchased from Straight Line, and the trailer from The Guide’s Hut. Our Trails Manager, Ben has already put the e-bike to test taking it up Southern Comfort! Ben and our other volunteers have been busy clearing a lot of the blown down on the trails including Green Alligator, Today’s Special, Snoop Lion and Southern Comfort.

In addition, Eric’s Trip has been getting some much-needed maintenance work done to the jump line, berms and chronic wet areas. Volunteers have been donating their time and expertise to reshape the jumps and berms on the lower half of the trail. The takeoffs and landings are being shaped to perfection. They added drainage in key places to help the trail shed water and clear up muddy areas. Each feature will allow riders to push themselves and progress their skills. This iconic trail is already a favourite and it will be even more so after this revamp!

As well, work on FloReka part six previously named “FloWrkr” has commenced. At the time of this article 400m to a dead end at a creek has been built. The creek crossing and the remaining 1000m will be built this spring to complete part six. The plan is to build part five in the fall, to complete this stacked loop. Part one and two are already in great shape, featured below in our route of the month.

Route of the Month

Access Coal Creek Heritage Trail at the bottom of Ridgemont Road. Watch for a quick left onto FloReka part one, where the fun begins. This trail requires concentration, skill and maybe an extra dose of caffeine! There are a number of switchbacks to navigate and a couple of pitchy sections. Part two continues in a similar vein with some log features to keep you on your game. This section ends on Rifle Range Road. Take a left and head over to the Ridgemont trail network. The newly built Kid’s Stuff Upper is a great option to keep the technical climbing or running going! Take a sharp left on Eric’s Trail for a speedy descent. Connect on to Roxy Roller then Space Unicorn for a great way to end your ride, run or hike.

Time: Approx. 1.5 - 2 hours
Distance: 10 km
Difficulty: Blue/Black

Thank you to all our volunteers for their hard work! We hope to get our organized work parties going soon once regulations permit. Stay tuned on our website and social media feeds, and remember to visit Trail Forks for current trail updates and to make your own reports after your adventure. This helps our trail crew, volunteers and all trail users!