Spontaneous Human Combustion Prevention

What a summer, it’s hot and the rivers are not! If you want to float, boat, fish or soak it’s time to unplug, put the phone down and head out to one of our beautiful rivers.

This time of year we can do just about anything in the river and it is awesome! Walk down after work with a lawn chair and beverage, tie a fly on and work the runs, or just float from bridge to bridge; whatever you choose, water between the toes is the only solution.

There are loads of little spots on the Elk to go for a private or semi-private swim, sneak into the local’s beach or find a nook behind the Annex, just watch out for the floaters if you’re getting rid of those tan lines! If you’re looking for a different venue within 20 minutes of town, may I suggest a few?

My personal favourite place to go for a swim is up Coal Creek, you can find tons of little nooks to get your soak on, and if you turn left at the right bridge you might just find a place that has everything a swim hole needs including a six foot jump rock!

If you’re feeling up for a bit of a drive and more secluded, work your way south away from Fernie and up Morrissey FSR and look for the spray painted boulder around the 20km mark, park and go for a walk… if you’re in need of a cool shower.

Now it’s defiantly more then 20 minutes but it’s worth the drive up Beese Road. If you take your time, look at a map you may find a cascade waterfall entering the Elk River across from the Elk Valley Provincial Park… it may just be McCool Creek.

Finally, there is a place I’ve never run into another person and it’s really close to town. It’s got a deep hole, big beach and for the most part, seclusion. I’ll give you a hint, it’s down river from the frolf course, and you can access it from the walking trail behind the marsh when the moose isn’t on the loose. 

Remember, August is an amazing time to unplug, jump in and enjoy the rivers and creeks, get out in the river and cool off, and to take the bike shoes off and soak those feet! Just remember that just about everyone knows about our sweet swim holes, so go a bit further and stiffen that lip.

However you choose to relax, don’t forget to smile. Go for a soak and thanks for staying safe out there.