Seven Activities to Try in 2019

Come for the snow, stay for all the indoor fun!

It’s hard not to think skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking when it comes to Fernie. Because in all honesty, that is what Fernie is famous for! As awesome as all these outdoor activities are, they often cast a shadow over many of the other offerings that Fernie has. This is especially true when it comes to indoor activities. Fernie has so many indoor options available, from pickleball to aerial yoga, allowing you to try something different each day of the week!

In keeping with the New Year Resolution tradition of vowing to become fitter and healthier, here are seven indoor activities to help you become a more active version of you!

  1. Yoga
    Did you know there are over 14 different styles of yoga classes that you can take right here in Fernie? From more traditional classes such as Yin and Hatha to combo classes such as Spin-Yoga to specialty classes like yoga for hips and back or aerial yoga, there is something for everyone! Check out Essential Yoga Studio, Soar Studios, or Evolution Health and Fitness for weekly offerings.
  2. Pickleball
    No, you don’t need to know what Pickleball is before you show up. You just need to be willing to learn! Played weekly at Fernie Community Centre, this tennis/ping pong/badminton hybrid is easy to pick up and low impact, making it a perfect choice for those looking for activities that are kind on the knees and hips. For more information email
  3. Swimming
    This one isn’t just for the little one! Fernie Aquatic Centre does offer lessons for those three months to Swim Kids 10 to build a solid foundation. (Check website for specific lesson times and registration.) For those 18+ wanting more structure then just doing laps during the public swim hours (or hitting the hot tub apres ski), Elk Valley Dolphins Swim Club offers classes five days a week, with professional coaching and a progressive plan to increase fitness throughout the year. Email for more info.
  4. Boxing
    Looking for something different in your fitness routine? How about learning how to properly throw a punch? Whether you are simply looking for an alternative to tradition cardio or looking to try getting in the ring, Fernie Old School Boxing offers both classes designed for fitness and competition. Multiple classes offered during the evening, check out their Facebook page for more information.
  5. Netball
    Try a popular Australian sport, without having to fly across the ocean! Fernie Netball Club offers a mixed league from January through April, giving you plenty of chances to try your hand at passing, shooting or defending. Head to their Facebook page for more details.
  6. Karate
    Star in your own version of the Karate Kid! One of the newer clubs here in Fernie, the Fernie Karate Club offers everyone a chance to learn discipline, respect, and focus. Check out their website for further details. (Wax on, wax off not guaranteed.)
  7. Gymnastics
    As stated on the Elk Valley Gymnastics Club website: “Gymnastics is a foundation sport that will help develop physical abilities such as balance, coordination, strength, spatial awareness and flexibility - all of which can be translated to other sports.” Sounds like a great compliment to any skier’s or snowboarder’s routine! Find classes, drop in night schedule (including an adult drop-in night!) and clinics all listed on the Elk Valley Gymnastics Club Website.