Running in Montane

Distance: Approx. 7km
Time: 1-1.25 hours
Difficulty: Blue

Let’s keep it simple this month. This route requires minimal equipment and travel time. Put on your trail running shoes and head to the old barn in Montane either by foot or car. You can park just off Coal Creek Road by the barn.  

Jump on the trail, following the “multi-use” signs. This is a nice warm up on level terrain. Stay right and cross the bridge for a short grunt up to your first road crossing. Stay right on Montane, climbing some gradual switchbacks. Continue meandering through the trees, crossing a number of bridges on undulating single track. Once you hit the power line stay left for a short climb up to Montane hut. Take in the amazing views and head in to the hut if you need to warm up. Head back the way you came. Lucky you, it’s all down hill!