Private Land Accessibility - Castle Cruise

We have the freedom in Fernie to access over 300km of trails on both Crown and private lands. This freedom is granted to us by way of Land Use Agreements. Did you know that the Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA) has eleven signed Land Use Agreements in place with various landowners? That’s right, 11.

Our volunteers put in 4,000 hours every year to allow us to continue to enjoy this freedom. In addition, our funders, local contractors and supporting local businesses play a large part in this continued enjoyment.

Yes, the temporary closure of the Ridgemont Holdings lands (see map for closure) for the summer may impact our freedom. But it’s only for the summer and we have so many other great options to choose from. Stay posted during the summer months as we share with you some great routes. Learn how you can still put together some of your favourite trails and explore new ones.

This June, we will hopefully continue to get a bit of wet weather. Trails on Castle Mountain are known to dry out nicely. Here’s a great route to explore this month!

Distance: 12-17km
Time: 1.5-3hrs
Difficulty: Green/Blue (with Black options)

From town, head to the Montane Barn on Coal Creek Road, and take Montane to Uprooted to River Road, then continue climbing Re-rooted/New Roots. The lower portion of this trail is on Montane property, the upper Canwel. When you reach the Hypervent sign, take a right down Roots and enjoy a fun and flowy descent. When you reach an opening, turn left to take Snoop Line on the Trans Canada Trail (also known as the Great Trail). This will take you to the bottom of South Castle. Turn right at this junction for a fun descent, continue across River Road to La Bamba, and then take Green Alligator to connect back to Montane. From here, go straight to return to the barn, or for those looking to lengthen their ride, turn right and climb to the hut. A good option from here is to climb Roots to Uprooted descent to the barn or add on Resurrection to Roots Extension.