The Pig

It’s September, how did that happen? It’s also the last of the Donation Box Scavenger Hunt, with the most challenging location to date - Swine Flu! When this article was written, the Pig Donation Box was located lower down on this wonderful trail on Mount Proctor, but has recently been moved to the top of the trail, offering stunning views of the mountains and town of Fernie. 

Hopefully over the summer, you have gained strength, endurance and curiosity and you and your family will make it to the best location yet! 

4. The Pig
From the Fernie Visitor Center trail head follow the signs for Swine Flu until you reach the top, where you will find the Pig and a bench to take in the view and snack before either returning the way you came or continuing to complete the whole Swine Flu loop! This is a big climb for a young biker, it may be better to do as a hike. It is also a popular trail, so be aware of other riders and ensure you are loud on the trail. 

Scavenger Hunt Bonus: Find the donation bin at the Montane Hut! There are multiple ways to reach this box, the most accessible being the Fernie Adaptive Trail (Montane Green on TrailForks). This is a great route for all riders and walkers with a rewarding lookout from the hut. 

Don’t forget to check in at Edge of the World for your sticker, and to email proof of completing all four challenges to or johnnypshaw@ to be entered in the grand prize draw! Congratulations to everyone who took part in this summer’s Scavenger Hut!