New Trail Manager

As we shift into a new season the Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA) is also moving into a new direction with hiring of a Trail Manager. This individual will be responsible for managing and coordinating volunteers, coordinating the inspection and maintenance of existing trails, managing budgets and providing weekly trail reports. This role is key to our trail network, as it will help us manage our volunteers more effectively, improve our reporting to funders and landowners and to the community at large.

The FTA received many strong resumes, and after a thorough interview process the position was rewarded to Ben Martin.

Ben shows a real passion for trail building, with five years of experience volunteering on the Trails and Maintenance Committee. In addition, he has led the Thursday night work parties and has been involved in various FTA sub-committees. Ben also sits on the board of the Fernie Ski Touring Club, one of our member clubs.

Paul Attalla, former Trail and Maintenance committee member and a key contributor to developing this role said, “I am so excited that the FTA was able to get the Trail Manager role in place for the people of Fernie. This position has been crafted with help of other communities like Kimberly and Nelson, who are successfully utilizing this role. The summary from both communities is that they have less problems, save money and have better trails. This position is well-defined with a significant emphasis towards trail building, maintenance and repair. The individual will take direction solely from the FTA and Trails and Maintenance committee. The manager will be instrumental in preparing projects, motivating and organizing our volunteer community and reducing stress from our hard-working Committee and board members. The end result will be a better trail network for our community.

A big thumbs up to the current FTA board members, it was their hard work and vision of a better process and trail network that turned years of intention into great works.”

We are thrilled to welcome Ben to the team.