Mushroom Head Figure 8

Destination of the Month - Mushroom Head Figure 8
Distance: 12km
Time: ~ 1.5 hours, test it on Strava
Difficulty: Blue

Starting at the Phat Bastered, climb all the way to the power line then keep pushing through to Mushroom Head. Take Mushroom Head all the way to the bench, where finally you start to descend towards Dem Bones. Continue down Dem Bones and take this moment to catch your breath and lower that heart rate because at the bottom of Dem Bones you’re going to take a sharp right-hander back up Stove. Once at the power line take on some fluids for the final push back up Mushroom. When you’ve made it back to the bench it’s downhill all the way. Finish off Mushroom Head then swing a left onto Red Sonya, rail those berms and gap those jumps all the way out to the road.