Little Ripper Trail Passport

Back by popular demand, the Second Annual Fernie Junior Ripper Trail Passport is a series of skill/age appropriate mountain bike challenges. The goal is to ride the trail, find the checkpoint sign, and record the animal found on the sign on this worksheet. Complete any four of the challenges during the mountain bike season and receive a Fernie Little Ripper badge at one of Fernie’s local bike shops. If you are in for a big challenge try and complete all of the rides. Participants who complete all 12 rides are eligible to enter in a draw for the FMBC prize pack. Send a photo of the completed check sheet to

The trails are listed in order of difficulty. Remember to start small and work your way up. Always follow the rules of the trail, wear proper safety equipment and make sure your bike is in good working order. These trails are available for free on the Trail Forks App, with additional descriptions and directions to trailheads. Download it before you go.

Level 1 - Trail Rascals
Suggested Age: Seven and under

#1. Bike Park Learning Loop
Checkpoint Animal: _________________
A skills progression loop, start at the bike kiosk and follow the learning loops signs clockwise.

#2. Annex Park
Checkpoint Animal: __________________
Start at the duck pond and head North to the dyke, turn left and follow along the Elk River, turn left at the pond and follow along the shore back to where you started.

#3. TCT to Montane
Checkpoint Animal: _______________
Take the Coal Heritage Trail to connect to the TCT. After River Road Bridge, it picks up on the right. When it meets Montane turn right and descend to Coal Creek Rd and come back on the Heritage Trail.

Level Two - Mud Munchers
Suggested Age: 7-9

#1. Inclusive trail (Montane green)
Checkpoint Animal: ______________
Start at the Montane gate on coal creek road and follow inclusive trail to Montane hut.

 #2. Gorby to Old Goat
Checkpoint Animal: ________________
Start at the Gorby Bridge and ride up Gorby until you reach the Goat, then come back the way you came.

#3.Cemetery By-Pass Up and Down
Checkpoint Animal: _______________
Starting at the Cemetery entrance, ride up Cemetery By-Pass easy way to the top, and then down the hard way.

#4. TCT to Uprooted
Checkpoint Animal: __________________
Take the Heritage Trail from bike park, cross coal creek and over the River Road Bridge then pick up TCT trail on yo

ur right, continue until you meet  the intersection of Uprooted then turn right and enjoy the descent!

Level Three - Wheelie Awesomes
Suggested Age: 10+

#1. Fairy Creek Falls
Checkpoint Animal: ________________
Starting at the Visitors Centre, ride towards Fairy Creek Falls until you see the checkpoint sign. You may have to get off your bike to walk the last section of trail to view the falls!

#2 Lazy Lizard Park to Powerline
Checkpoint Animal: ______________
Start at the Provincial Park, and climb Stove trail. A left at the first junction will take you to Lazy Lizard.  Follow to the power line.  If you are felling strong it is a great ride all the way to Island Lake Lodge.

#3. TCT to Montane Hut
Checkpoint Animal: _______________
Take the Heritage Trail to connect with the TCT, and once across the River Road bridge pick up the TCT and follow the signs until Roots, turn right and descend to the hut. Come back the same way, or on Montane blue or green back to the barn.

#4. New Roots
Checkpoint Animal: _______________
Ride through Montane crossing River Road and up New Roots to the Hypervent sign. You can descend via Uprooted or Old Roots to Montane.

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Additional Suggested Family Friendly Trails
James White Park
Town Loop (Dike Trail)
Provincial Park interpretive trail (camp ground)
Maiden Lake (partial closure this summer)