Little Ripper Trail Passport

The Fernie Little Ripper Trail Passport is a series of skill/age appropriate mountain bike challenges. The goal is to ride the trail, find the checkpoint sign, and record the animal found on the sign in this booklet. Complete four challenges during the mountain bike season and receive a Fernie Little Ripper badge at one of Fernie’s local bike shops. If you are in for a big challenge try and complete all of the rides.

The trails are listed in order of difficulty. Remember to start small and work your way up. Always follow the rules of the trail, wear proper safety equipment and make sure your bike is in good working order. These trails are available for free on the Trail Forks App, with additional descriptions and directions to trailheads. Download it before you go.

Level 1 - Trail Rascals
Suggested Age: 7 and under

#1. Bike Park Learning Loop                          Checkpoint Animal: _________________
A skills progression loop, start at the bike kiosk and follow the learning loops signs clockwise.

#2. Maiden Lake Loop                                   Checkpoint Animal:  _________________
A beautiful flat trail around a lake, start at the beach (behind Canadian tire) and take in either direction.

#3. Annex Park                                               Checkpoint Animal: __________________
Start at the duck pond and head North to the dyke, turn left and follow along the Elk River, turn left at the pond and follow along the shore back to where you started.

#4. James White Park                                      Checkpoint Animal:
Start at the southeast corner along the paved road and Elk River. Stay right onto the trail, then loop through the Frisby Golf course.

#5. Cemetery By-Pass                                     Checkpoint Animal: _________________
An out and back ride with a mellow climb and fun descent, start at the St. Margaret’s Cemetery.

#6. TCT to Montane                                       Checkpoint Animal: _______________
Take the Coal Heritage Trail to connect to the TCT. After River Road Bridge, it picks up on the right. When it meets Montane turn right and descend to Coal Creek Rd and come back on the Heritage Trail.

#7. Lazy Lizard                                               Checkpoint Animal: ________________
Start at the Island Lake Gate, and ride the trail to the first double track crossing and back.

Level Two - Mud Munchers
Suggested Age: 7-9

 #1. Gorby to Old Goat                                  Checkpoint Animal: ________________
Start at the Gorby Bridge and ride up Gorby until you reach the Goat, then come back the way you came.

#2. Kiddie Up – What’s Up Doc                    Checkpoint Animals (2): _______________
Starting at the Cemetery entrance, take Cemetery Bypass and Kiddie Up, then come back down What’s Up Doc and connect to Cemetery Bypass.

#3. Mud Muncher Loop                                  Checkpoint Animals (4): ______________
Comprised of #1 through #4 of the Trail Rascals trails.

#4. Lazy Lizard Park to Island Lake Gate                 Checkpoint Animals: _______
Start from the Provincial Park, and climb until you find the checkpoint just before the gate at the lower Island Lake parking lot.

#5. Lazy Lizard to Powerline                         Checkpoint Animals (2): _______________
From the Island Lake gate, take Lazy Lizard until it reaches the powerline and enjoy the sweet descent en route back.

#6. TCT to Uprooted                                      Checkpoint Animal: __________________
Take the Heritage Trail to connect to the TCT, and once connecting after the River Road Bridge on your right, continue until you intersect Uprooted then enjoy the descent!

Level Three - Wheelie Awesomes
Suggested Age: 10+

#1. Mud Muncher Loop with Old Stumpy     Checkpoint Animals (5): _______________
Complete the first four rides for the Trail Rascals and add Old Stumpy! There are five checkpoints.

#2. Eco-terrorist Board Walks                        Checkpoint Animal (3): ________________
From the Cemetery, climb Cemetery Bypass, Kiddie Up, Queen V, then take Eco-Terrorist on the right to the boardwalks and bench. Come back the same way. Three checkpoints.

#3 Lazy Lizard Park to Powerline                  Checkpoint Animals (3): ______________
Start at the Provincial Park, and complete ride #4 and #5 of the Mud Muncher level for details. Three checkpoints.

#4. TCT to Montane Hut                                Checkpoint Animals (2): _______________
Take the Heritage Trail to connect with the TCT, and once across the River Road bridge pick up the TCT and follow the signs until Roots, turn right and descend to the hut. Come back the same way, or on Montane back to the barn.

#5. New Roots to Up-Rooted                                    Checkpoint Animal: __________________
From the Roots/Up-Rooted trailhead on River Road, climb New Roots to the Hypevent sign. Turn left and climb to the top of Uprooted and enjoy the sweet descent.

#6. Kiddie Up to Sidewinder                         Checkpoint Animals (2): _______________
Starting at the Cemetery, ride Cemetery Bypass, Kiddie Up, Queen V, then take the left at the Eco junction until stay left until you see the Sidewinder trail sign on your right.  

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