Learning to Paddle

If you’ve been thinking about learning how to canoe or kayak on the lake or river, but think it’s too expensive, a hassle or scary, it’s actually none of these things! September is the perfect time to jump in a boat, enjoy the mountains from the water, get some exercise and explore.

You first have to decide if you want to play on the lake or river, as they are different and you shouldn’t use a lake boat on a river, duh. Your best bet is to head to the closest kayak shop (they will sell canoes, too) and start a conversation about what your plans are and let the experts do there job and get you into the best boat for you! While you’re at the shop, pick up a paddle and kayak pfd.

After you’ve bought all your gear, it’s time to head down to the lakes, and start figuring out your new toys. It’s hard to mess up at the lake, just wear your pfd. Learning to kayak along the shore is a low-risk setting that can help build your skills, and when you’re a bit more confident you might venture across the lake or find a new one to explore!

We all need help eventually, and if your time at the lake is any indication of what’s to come, you might want to consider a lesson or a package of them! We have a wealth of knowledgeable and skilful people who teach paddle sports here in Fernie and within the Kootenays. Find one that you like… and keep going to your lessons.

So you’re getting good. You can keep the boat in a straight line, you’re holding your paddle the right way, and you’re starting to think about paddling more. That’s good, you should. It’s time to show off your skills and join a local paddle group; check out Justliquid.ca/blog for the next community paddle, or check out the many paddling groups of Facebook.

Ok, so now your wallet is lighter and you’re trying to put this boat onto your car. Come down to the lake after you’ve figure it out, we’ll be down there enjoying the fall from our boats. Keep up the new skills and hope to see you there!

Thanks for reading this summer; it has been a great opportunity writing for everyone and sharing some things I’ve found out along the way.