June Trails Update

In addition to our regular trail maintenance of our nearly 300 km of trail, the Fernie Trails Alliance has identified and committed to several large projects that will add value to our community, and help preserve the public trails we already love to inhabit. Each month I will showcase one of our projects and demonstrate the capacity of the Fernie Trails Alliance.

We are awfully proud of the fact that within our umbrella group we erected the Tunnel Creek Hut, we offered fantastic (and affordable) Nordic skiing to 52 young children last winter, hosted the most popular and amazing Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam, and maintained summer trails and winter grooming. Whew- it is tremendous what our group does, and I am very proud of our volunteer effort. Fernie surely is a better place for it!

Fairy Creek/Mount Proctor Revitalization
Due to a deterioration of the trail over the years and lack of adequate signage, the Fernie Trails Alliance has chosen to restore this classic hiking loop. This trail offers both families, and advanced hikers a recreation opportunity to walk along Fairy Creek or to continue into the Alpine.

This trail will fulfill our mandate of maintaining safe and accessible recreation opportunities, and an opportunity to work with the Ministry of Environment.

- The upper rocky section will receive a re-route, this is often an area where hikers get lost and end up on a dangerous shelf.
- The entire trail will be brushed out and upgraded.
- Professional signage will mark the entire trail.
- A new picnic table will be installed on Fairy Creek out of the avalanche zone, offering families a lovely spot to picnic.

Work Parties
Wednesday night work parties are in their third week, and we keep having a lucky number of 13 volunteers show up. Help us break that trend by meeting at the Skills Park at 6 pm to help carry tools up to the trail being worked on. The Park Place Pub is generously sponsoring our work parties by offering discounted jugs and nachos afterwards! Don’t miss out!

Land use agreements are a top priority for the Fernie Trails Alliance; they help us mediate risk by insuring the trails and offer us an opportunity to fundraise. They also ensure continued access to recreational opportunities, a key mandate of the Fernie Trails Alliance. We would like to say a large thank you to our most recent landowners to sign: Chuck and Debbie Shoesmith, and Tembec.

By supporting us in legal agreements, you support the value of our trail system, and on behalf of our recreation community we sincerely thank you.

A note to our recreation community, remember to respect the land you are on, stay on the trail, travel through private property respectfully, and if you see the landowner up town, a thank you may be in order!