Golf Tips For Beginners

Don't worry it's not you - Golf is hard. Everyone was a beginnger at one time and getting started in the right direction towards getting where you watn to be. Here are a few tips for getting off on the right foot.

1. Try a Lesson
Here at the Fernie Golf and Country Club we offer multiple lessons and programs for all levels of golfers. We can help if it’s your first time out or if you’re trying to dial in a swing change. If you are looking at taking up the game, a group lesson is a great way to learn the basics. If you have a few family members or friends that are interested at the same time then consider setting up a lesson for your group. Otherwise if you like doing things yourself, private lessons throughout the summer might be your best option.

2. Get a Grip
A proper grip is vital to making a great golf swing. Keys to keep in mind:
1) Make sure you can see the first two knuckles of your top hand.
2) The crease made in your lower hand’s palm fits over your top hand’s thumb.
3) Always use light grip pressure.
4) If you are wearing out your glove quickly or your hands are sore, something probably isn’t right.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice
Practicing isn’t always the most exciting part of golf but it can definitely lower your score. Short game practice - like chipping and putting - will make a bigger difference than hitting your driver as hard as possible. Start with short shots and work your way up. When you are practicing your full swing, swinging at 70% to 80% of your maximum can help things fall in line as opposed to you falling over. At the Fernie Golf Course we have a great driving range and practice green and we have clubs to borrow free of charge for practicing if you don’t have your own.

4. On the Course
When you first get out on the course choose a slower time. This will ease the pressure of other groups around you and will usually involve a lower green fee. Twilight in Fernie is perfect. There are five sets of tees at the Fernie Golf Course and we suggest starting with the Green or Gold tees, ask our friendly staff in the pro shop for some advice before you head out. Once you get onto the fairway don’t be afraid to tee the ball up again. You shouldn’t have to play by the rules all of the time. If it’s still frustrating just pick that ball up and throw it at the hole, or over the water, or out of the sand. This also works if you’re getting behind the pace of play. One hole shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes from the tee to the hole. If putting gets to you, invoke the three putt rule. Maybe rent a power cartif that makes the round more exciting, but remember the recommendations of the pro shop staff as to where the cart is allowed. Lastly, golf attire doesn’t have to be formal, we just ask that it’s clean, neat and most importantly, comfortable.

5. Après Golf
Remember golf should be fun. Just like a great day skiing or biking, head up to the Clubhouse for some great post round drinks and snacks. Reminisce with your playing partners about the great shots, the not so great shots and the shots that weren’t meant to be.

The most important part of playing golf is to have a good time and keep it light, golf shouldn’t be like work and it doesn’t have to be serious. Come down to the course with an optimistic attitude and what’s the worst that can happen? You’ll end up having a great walk outdoors with some good people.