Get in the Flow with Contra

Distance: Approx. 10 km
Time: Approx. 1.5 – 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate - Advanced

For many riders the new flow trail, Contra is music to their ears! You may find yourself making your own music as you find your flow down this trail full of jumps and berm with absolutely fantastic views at the top!
There are a number of ways to access this trail. You can simply head up Rifle Range Road and do multi laps on Contra seeing if you can perfect your line choices each lap. You can also link it by climbing up FloWrkr or from the Ridgemont trail network. This route will take you up via the Ridgemont trails.

Head over to Ridgemont and get warmed up as you climb Cemetery By-Pass to What’s up Doc. Continue climbing meandering through the trees and multiple switchbacks on Kiddie up to Queen V. Take a right on Eco-Terrorist crossing a number of boardwalks until you come out on Ridgemont Road. Turn left on the road and take your first right up Kid’s Stuff. More climbing on a few short punchy sections, but it will all be worth it! Take a right up Branch B Road, pass Bear Chutes and stay left on Rifle Range Road Spur 3. Stay left when the road splits for one final climb that takes you to the top of Contra. Enjoy the views before experiencing Contra on the rip down! All jumps can be rolled or you can choose to get some big air! The trail exits on Rifle Range Rd. Again there are a number of options from here to get back to town. A fast way back is to continue down the road, take a sharp right on Coal Creek Heritage trail for an easy pedal back.