Fundraising for Foundry

There is nothing that creates a sense of community more than people coming together for a great cause! On April 2-4, 81 people ran or walked 4 miles (or biked 16km) every 4 hrs for 48hrs to raise funds to contribute to the start-up of Foundry East Kootenay. The Foundry will offer young people ages 12-24 health and wellness resources, services and supports online and through integrated service.

Runners, bikers and walkers were treated to some nice weather in Fernie on Friday evening for the start of the challenge at 8pm. Riding, running and walking in the dark allowed those participating to recognize others doing the same as bobbing lights met them in the night. Temperatures dropped down to -4C in the wee hours of morning with some light winds. Saturday also turned out to be a nice day with some higher winds and warmer temperatures in the evening. The weather rolled in on Sunday morning with rain and some hail the majority of the day. However, this did not stop the tribe. People were out there getting it done on Cokato Rd. and on various other roads in town or inside to reach their goal.

The final tally for funds raised was not in at the time of this article. However, it was already close to $15,000 with the hope of reaching $20,000! It was amazing to see a wide range of ages come out to support this cause and have some fun. Abi Moore who took part as a runner had this to say: “Call me weird, but as a lover of organized fun, good times and type two adventures, that was the funnest 48hrs I’ve had in a while.”

Congratulations to everyone who took part and challenged themselves in their own way.

Time: 48 hours 
Distance: Runners and walkers: 48-52 miles per person or team (12-13 rounds) Bikers: 192-208 kms per person or team (12-13 rounds) 
Difficulty: Hard!!!