Food and Beer Pairing Guide

Born and brewed in the mountains, Fernie Brewing Co. is a go-to accompaniment to delicious food and a dash of adventure. Luckily, with a wide variety of beers to choose from and a vast array of Fernie adventures, there are no shortage of options.

Thanks to select hops, specialty malts, and yeasts each adding unique flavours, plus amazing community support, FBC’s beers are at the centre piece of Fernie’s heart and soul, adventures, backyard hangs, and amazing foodie-scene. A perfect pairing in itself.

However, as 2023 marks FBC’s 20th Anniversary, Head Brewer Jeff Demaniuk invites you to taste and experience a few of their mouth-watering, mountain-brewed beers, accompanied with some gourmet, 
(and not so gourmet), options…

With hundreds of trails that bring you to soaring peaks, Fernie is a mecca for mountain biking. It is only fitting that FBC named this go-to favourite after one of Fernie’s most epic bike trails, Project 9.

A perfect companion after a day of riding, this true Bavarian Pilsner with exceptional continental hop flavour, will give you a refreshingly crisp taste with each drop.  Czech Saaz hops add earthy spice and balance to the mix for a smooth, clean,  and easy drinking taste.

P9 rolls well with lighter meals, like seafood and salads – such as wild salmon fillets with fresh green salads, maple glazed pecan, and strawberries.

If you prefer adventuring on two legs rather than two wheels, grab hold of their hiking-ready Headwall Hazy Pale Ale. Paying homage to Fernie’s iconic backdrop, Headwall Hazy Pale is as distinctive as its namesake, while Cryo Pop and Strata hops give bright citrus and tropical fruit flavours. 

Recharge from a long day on the trails with this brew and a spicy Indian Masala or a sizzling Fajita – Headwall can handle the heat!

BBQ’s are a great reward after a day exploring the mountains. Full-flavoured and refreshingly rowdy, Ridgewalk Red Ale is brewed with British malts, giving it rich caramel and toffee notes with a roasted dryness in the finish. 

Best accompanied with good friends and a flame-grilled burger, ribs, or brisket – the perfect recipe for a true backyard BBQ!

Craving a little sweetness? Then grab a huckleberry pie and a Straight Line Belgian White! Refreshing and effervescent, this smooth, spicy and citrusy wheat-based beer, is the perfect patio partner and makes its debut as a summer-seasonal brew for 2023.

Brewed with orange peel, coriander, and spicy Belgian Wit yeast, Straight Line perfectly complements a homemade (or not), pie!

FBC is widely available on tap and on-shelves throughout the Koots and beyond, so wherever your adventure takes you this summer, grab a beer and get thirsty for adventure!

Abi Moore is a craft beer, mountains, skiing and trail running enthusiast as well as the Brand Manager for Fernie Brewing Company.