FloWrkr – A Community Endeavour

Distance: 6km (out and back)
Time: 1 Hour
Difficulty: Black

Our trails do not build themselves. It is only because of our strong community of passionate volunteers and contractors that we have the amazing trail network we have in Fernie. A true community effort occurred last October when the local bike shops came together for a work party on the new trail FloWrkr. Approximately 30 volunteers came out for the day. Go and explore this trail, which will hopefully be ready to ride by the time you are reading this!

Access the trail from Coal Creek Heritage Trail, just after you cross Ridgemont Road look for the trail to the left. You are right into climbing mode with a couple of tight switchbacks to navigate. I had the pleasure of riding this with one of the trail masterminds last fall. I remember thinking at the time, the one coffee I had beforehand was not enough to fuel this endeavour. Be sure to top up your caffeine levels before heading out on this one!

The trail continues with some interesting rock features, more tight turns and a couple of punchy climbs. It brings you out on Rifle Range Road. You can continue up the road, past the Big Money turn off and tie into the Ridgemont network. Alternatively, you can turn around and enjoy riding it down. It’s just as fun and challenging down as up.

Further construction will take place this spring extending the trail to 7km in length. Join us for a work party on a Thursday evening to become part of our trail building community.