Finding Your Fitness Tribe

Starting a fitness journey can be hard. Going at it completely solo can be even harder. When you have a tribe around you supporting you, encouraging you, and believing in you even when the going gets tough, not only do your goals seem that much more achievable, but the process itself becomes way more enjoyable (even if the workouts themselves don’t...). Sometimes this support system just naturally falls into place as you are already surrounded by people who understand your active lifestyle. Other times, it takes a bit more work to find those with similar interests and journeys, and just vibe with you.

For those struggling to find a tribe or looking to expand upon your own, there is hope! While your tribe might not literally fall into your lap, with a little bit of work, soon you’ll be meshing with like-minded individuals, comparing epic stories of success and working through failures together. The key? A willingness to get out there and connect. The more you put yourself out there and be open to connecting with others, the greater the chances of making genuine connections.

A simple way to start is by connecting with others already in your fitness sphere. Spend five minutes after class chatting with your instructor about recovery strategies. Let your yoga neighbour know how much you love the look of their mat and ask where you could get one yourself. Say hi to others you see on your daily dog walks. You just might be surprised by how many awesome people are already around you by being willing to break the ice.

Another thing to consider is expanding your knowledge. Attending a course, upskilling, or taking part in camps and retreats are great ways to meet people who share a common passion. Plus, while there may not be much time to talk in fitness classes, courses are way more social, with natural breaks, discussion topics, or partner/small group work. Just remember to swap details before you part ways at the end of the day!

Or try “shopping around.” We can often get stuck in a routine when it comes to fitness. Sometimes attending yoga three times a week continues to be inspiring, other times it can make things feel stale. So here is your permission to “shop around” and try a new class, a new instructor, a new location, a new running group, or simply a new time slot. Sure, it could be a complete flop, or you could meet some really cool people who convince you that 6am barre classes could really be your thing, or a new instructor who’s cues just seem to make way more sense. Again, open yourself up to new connections and experiences!

Lastly, there is always the social media route. From local Facebook groups such as “Women Who Explore” and “Fernie Dog Community” to worldwide Crossfit Instagram accounts, there are plenty of
online options when it comes to looking for inspiration and support. But just as in real life, if you are looking to form genuine connections, you need to put the work in and actually reach out to others. Join groups and ask questions, comment on photos with more than one word and emoji’s, and be supportive of others. The more you open yourself up to opportunity, the more it will present.