#FernieStreak 2022 Tips and Inspiration

Often times with multi-day challenges, you start off strong and can get side-tracked or lose motivation along the way. Here are some tips from the #FernieStreak team to keep you motivated, engaged and having fun! Remember to share with your fellow streakers by using the hashtag, and most importantly this is a fun, community event to raise funds for an important local cause, Twin Meadows Animal Rescue Society, and to get people outside! Enjoy, and thank you for participating.   

Go for a walk or run and PICK ONE SENSE TO FOCUS ON- what are all the things you see, smell, hear etc.?
THINK OF THE MOST CREATIVE WAY THAT YOU CAN DO THE STREAK THIS YEAR (costumes, creative activities) and remember to tag us with
#ferniestreak2022 in your photos.
SET UP A SCAVENGER HUNT FOR A FRIEND OR ANOTHER FAMILY TO COMPLETE ON THE TRAILS, share the activity and your friend’s adventure. Social connection is important even while distant.
With a friend CREATE WEEKLY CHALLENGES TO COMPLETE (accountability always helps).
REMEMBER ANY ACTIVITY COUNTS, walking for 30 minutes, even if you take mindfulness breaks to take in the scenery as you go, counts.
We have seen so many great costumes over the years- ANYONE UP FOR THE CHALLENGES OF A COSTUME EACH AND EVERY DAY?
DO NOT BE AFRAID TO REWARD YOURSELF IF THIS IS NEW TO YOU (and even if it isn’t). If knowing you can have a fun coffee drink at the end of the week is motivating, go for it. MMMMMM Beanpod mocha.
SELF-COMPASSION IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Some days will be more difficult than others and that is okay, and completely normal. No matter what activity you do, it is enough.
IF DOING 30 MINUTES OF EXERCISE IS ALREADY PART OF YOUR ROUTINE, CONSIDER MENTORING SOMEONE THAT THIS WILL BE NEW FOR. See if you can do activities of their choice together or check in with them to see how they are doing.
ON LOW MOTIVATION OR TOUGH DAYS REMEMBER THE FIVE-MINUTE RULE. When avoiding the activity tell yourself you just have to go for five minutes and if you aren’t into it, stop. More often than not the hardest part is getting out the door and the 30 minutes will fly by. If it doesn’t, five minutes is always better than no minutes.
PICK A NEW TRAIL DAY! Have you never hiked to the Batman Bench on Mount Fernie? Been to Fairy Creek Falls? Visited the Lookout in the Provincial Park? Today’s your day!
TRY A NEW ACTIVITY! This is your opportunity to borrow or rent new gear and have an adventure. Check out fat biking on the Coal Creek Heritage Trail or the City Loop Trail. Get some classic skis and hit the short loop at Fernie Alpine Resort. Rent snowshoes and the options are truly endless!
CALL A FRIEND ON A WALK DAY. We all have those friends we keep meaning to touch base with but the timing never seems to work. Set a date for a walk along the Elk River and make it happen!
LET YOUR KIDS GET CREATIVE!Have them weigh in on your family activities… sure you had that skate ski in mind but guaranteed that afternoon of sledding or skating will happily surprise you!
TREAT YO SELF! It’s halfway through January, make sure to pat yourself on the back and perhaps treat yourself to something special to celebrate. Great work!
CREATE WEEKLY CHALLENGES FOR YOURSELF, like trying to make it up a certain section of a climb on your bike or hiking up without taking a break.
STAY MOTIVATED BY CREATING A GROOVY PLAYLIST OR FIND AN INSPIRING PODCAST TO LISTEN TO. Find a safe buddy to explore nature with or bring your furry friends along for an adventure.

Click here to download PDF version of the #FernieStreak calendar.