The Fernie Streak

#FernieStreak / Fer•nie•Streak / verb
Nordic Ski, Fat Bike, Run, Walk, Hike, Skate, Shovel (etc.), outside, on your own steam, for a minimum of 30 minutes, every day, for the entire month of January.

How to #FernieStreak?: 1) Get outside and active for 30 minutes every day. 2) Use the below calendar to track your activities. 3) Share your pictures to #FernieStreak Facebook Group and share on social using
#FernieStreak. 4) A the end of the month, submit a photo of your calendar to for a chance to win - prizes will be awarded at the Wrap-Up Social for all levels of effort and style of adventure! Don’t go it alone, grab friends, family members, your colleagues, or a dog - and don’t worry if you miss a day, just keep on streaking! It’s the perfect way to kick off 2020. Looking for some inspiration? Check out the below group activities, then turn the page to read some top tips from the #FernieStreak official crew.

Welcome to the 2nd Annual #FernieStreak
Whether you’re looking for a three-hour adventure or cramming a 30-minute walk into your hectic day, streaking is for everyone. The inaugural year was a huge success, full of inspiring stories, amazing photos, epic adventures, rekindled friendships, new sports, and 31 days full to the brim of #FernieStoke. Perhaps you’re a 2nd-year streaker who needs a little reminder or a newbie streaker who needs a little nudge – regardless, be sure to check out the below tips to help you streak your way to success…

Ang Qualizza, Mayor of Fernie
As winter hits, I always put my townie away and hop into my car. Last year, I challenged myself to walk to and from work every day for the month and it was such a refreshing reset and reminder how easy it is – from my house to City Hall is only 15 minutes, hardly a reason to drive at all! For all of us walkers out there, join me on this goal! Groceries, mail, appointments… let’s streak our way there!

Julie Kelly, Fernie Trails Alliance
Try to hit as many different trails in the month. Mix up the activities each day to keep it fresh. Bring a buddy, streaking is always more fun together! And lastly, get on the caffeine!

Abi Moore, Stag Leap Running Co.
Streaking (of the clothed variety) is generally defined by running every day for at least 1 mile, for a long time. In some cases, a very long time. The longest recorded running streak ended at 52 years and 39 days, held by a 78-year-old named Ron Hill. On Sunday, January 29, 2017, Ron did something he hadn’t done in a very long time – he took a day off. So, when you’re on the fence as to whether you want to keep going around week three, get out there and channel your inner Ron!

Samantha Sedlowsky, Fernie Nordic Society
I wrote out a list of 30 people I wanted to reconnect with or get to know better... then made plans to do my streak activity with them. Usually walking or snowshoeing so we could talk (and solve the world’s problems)! I reconnected with a friend I hadn’t seen in three years for a two-hour snowshoe. After 31 days, I ended up catching up one-on-one with around 20 different people and I’m aiming to do better this year!

Troy Nixon, Fernie Mountain Bike Club
Getting out and riding can be super easy and fun. I’ve been biking yearround for at least seven years and the winter variety is a little mellower than the summer. Borrow or rent a bike, slap on a helmet and some eye protection, dress in layers and put on some warm boots. We have some pretty dedicated groomers in the valley so new trails are getting groomed all the time. The adaptive trail in Montane is a good starter. As for other trails head to Trailforks or Strava and see where people are riding. Our fat bike community is growing so trails get packed down pretty quickly after a snowfall. See you out there!

Tyla Charbonneau, Alpine Pathways Psychology
Tips for a mind healthy streak:
• Practice everyday mindfulness to stay in the moment. Focus on your senses, what colours do you see, sounds, smells etc.
• If you are trying a new sport out with friends say, “thank you for waiting” instead of “I’m sorry,” if you need to catch up.
• Think about what your body is doing while active, focusing on each muscle as you move.
• Reframe any thought of “I cannot do this,” to “I can handle it.”

Join the #Sparwoodstreak
Brittney Tracey, Sparwood Trails Alliance

This month join Sparwood Trails Alliance for the #sparwoodstreak. Thanks for the invite from Fernie! Let’s get out and active and start 2020 the right way. To be a part of the streak, you must get outside on our trail system every day, whether you bike, run, walk, snowshoe, or ski, whatever gets you out. Document it with an activity log (strava/pink bike/ trail forks etc.) or a handwritten calendar to submit at the end of the month and be entered for a draw prize. Share your activities on Facebook or Instagram with #sparwoodstreak and #sparwoodtrailsalliance.

New this year!
• The #FernieStreak Wrap Up Social will be taking place on Sunday 2nd February at The Bridge Bistro, from 4-7 PM. More details will follow in the #FernieStreak Facebook Group!
• If you want to try a new sport and need some gear, be sure to take advantage of the generous support from local stores. The Gear Hub is offering 25% off Nordic, Snow Shoe and Fat Bike rentals for streakers for January!