Feedback Sought on Draft 2021 Koocanusa Recreation Strategy

The Koocanusa Recreation Steering Committee (KRSC) is seeking public comment on its Draft 2021 Koocanusa Recreation Strategy, which strives to support and manage Crown land recreation access and use in a way that maintains the ecological integrity, cultural values, recreation experience, and economic value of the Koocanusa area for current and future users.

The Strategy represents over five years of work and dedication from the KRSC, its Public Advisory Group, and hundreds of area residents, recreation users, and other stakeholders who provided information and comment during ongoing public consultation initiatives.

To access the draft 2021 Koocanusa Recreation Strategy visit The website features an interactive map and link to a survey aimed at gathering broad feedback from both stakeholders and land users, as well as the general public and area recreationalists.

"If you are a stakeholder whose interests or livelihood may be impacted by this Strategy and we are not currently in conversation, I want to hear from you and the survey on our website will serve as a first-contact point," said Jeff Zukiwsky, Koocanusa Recreation Strategy Coordinator. "If you are a member of the public who camps or recreates in the Koocanusa, we also encourage you to contribute your thoughts.

“The responses and insights we get will help inform the finalized 2021 Koocanusa Recreation Strategy."

To meet the needs of recreation users, while also protecting the diversity of important values in the Koocanusa area, the KRSC has identified more than 20 additional designated areas for overnight camping to the 2021 draft strategy. 

“However, the draft is subject to change, so if this is an important issue to you, we encourage you to contribute to the conversation by completing the online survey," said Zukiwsky.

The Strategy also identifies a network of over 500 kilometres of access roads, as well as more than 20 locations where additional signage will be installed to support responsible recreation use. 

Proposed recreation strategies will be implemented through a phased approach. The finalized Koocanusa Recreation Strategy document represents the first phase and will be implemented and enforced in the summer of 2021. Phase two is a longer-term process of conducting more detailed assessments to determine suitability for future use. 

The BC Government’s Recreation Order for the Koocanusa Recreation Management Area remains in place. This order limits motorized recreation to designated roads and trails, and Crown land camping is only permitted in designated sites.

Recreation users and other interested stakeholders are encouraged to visit and sign up for the KRSC newsletter to stay informed.