Fall Trail Work

The Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA) has been working hard all season to keep the trails in tip-top shape. Here are some of the projects the crew will continue to work on this fall. 

Al Matador
Our volunteers and contractors will continue their hard work on Al Matador. Brushing, benching and rock armouring will continue as the weather permits. Improvements to this trail were able to happen from the funds we received from the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) Trail Enhancement grant received last year.

Heiko’s and Mount Proctor Trails
Work will continue on these trails including brushing closer to Tamarack, additional signage, and some groundwork for potential work for next year. The revitalization of these trails would not have been possible without the dedication of our volunteers and funding from the CBT Trail Enhancement Grant.  

Far Side
Plans are in the works to revitalize the lower section of Far Side trail to try to separate hikers and bikers for safety. The proposed new route would use Mad Cow to travel west before dropping downhill. Thank you to the grazing tenure leaseholder and Crown for working with us on this reroute. 

Route of the Month: Swine Flu
Time: 1-2 hrs.  
Distance: Approx. 10 km  
Elevation Gain: Approx. 1,000 ft. 

It’s a great time to take in the views and enjoy the larch on the trails. A classic trail to take it all in is Swine Flu. Head over the Fairy Creek Bridge and jump on to the single track. The new climb built last year has 30 switchbacks. You should be an expert by the top! Take in the views and if you enjoyed the ride and are keen to show your love for the trails make a donation. It’s easy, simply scan your phone over our new QR code on the pig and select your donation amount. The descent is a blast and should be in prime condition with the larch and leaves covering the trail. You will come out where you began the climb and if you are keen head up for another lap, or try Mad Cow to switch it up!