Elk Valley Nordic Centre and The Elk River Trail

Fernie - Elk Valley Nordic Centre
Distance:  Approx. 10 km
Time: 1- 1.5 hours
Level: Intermediate

The second annual #ferniestreak was a great success with 262 members. Wow, so many people love our trail network! The challenge was to get 30 minutes of human-powered activity outside for the 31 days. Participants were all over town walking, running, hiking, biking, nordic skiing, dog walking and lots of shovelling was done! The City of Fernie, Stag Leap Running Co, Fernie Nordic Society, Fernie Mountain Bike Club, Alpine Pathways Psychology, Fernie Fix and Fernie Trails Alliance all worked together to make this happen. 

One of my favourite places to #ferniestreak all winter long is at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre. I love how close it is to town and the serenity of the Provincial Park in the winter. I like to get right into it heading over the Teck bridge up the Grunt. Yes, that’s right it’s a bit of work! You get a little bit of a break before getting into the Galloway loop. I like to ski it counterclockwise. There is a nice variety of climbing, flats and downhills. Once you get back to the start of the Galloway loop its another climb back out but you are rewarded with a fun descent down the Runt. It’s a great opportunity to practice your cornering. 

After crossing back over the bridge I take a sharp right and ski the Cedar loop counterclockwise. I normally then head back up to the hut and do some skill work with and without poles. If you have time it’s a nice treat to sit in the hut by the fire for a little R&R and get warmed up. We definitely need it after some of the cold streaking days. 

Have a great winter and don’t be afraid to show your love for the trails my donating to the Fernie Trails Alliance on our website - fernietrailsalliance.com.

Sparwood - The Elk River Trail 
Distance: Approx. 5 km
Time: 1 hour
Level: Beginner

With the month of “streaking” and resolutions over it can be hard to stay motivated, to keep things going and stay in love with your activities, trails and town. Sometimes things start to feel a bit stale and that longing for warmer days starts to set in. We have the antidote! We have a ton of fresh and quiet trails if you get sick of your usual haunts. Our groomed trail network provides the perfect playground for fatbiking, running, snowshoeing and more. With our second annual FatFest Fatbike race taking place on February 1, there’s a lot to love about Sparwood Trails! 

This month's featured trail is the Elk River Trail. It’s a popular, beginner-friendly lollipop style loop that’s wide enough to haul the wee-ones in a chariot and get the whole family out. It can be accessed at the trailhead by the walking bridge on Matevic Road, where you can head out and do a big loop, a shortened loop or a combination of the two. The entire loop runs about 5km for the whole thing with only 20 meters of elevation gain, but you get nice quiet trails with views of the river and the ridge. You get to feel like you’re out of town without leaving town. This trail would be great for beginners, people new to winter sports, or anyone looking for an easy day outside. The perfect loop for running, biking, skiing, snowshoeing or whatever winter sport you can invent. 

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