Cross-Country Skiing

Fernie offers some of the finest cross-country skiing in all of the Kootenays. The Fernie Nordic Society offers nordic skier only trails at the Fernie Golf and Country Club in town and at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre near Mount Fernie Provincial Park. There is also Nordic skiing to be found on Island Lake Road from the lower parking lot, in the Montane area of Fernie, and up at Fernie Alpine Resort. So to help you make the most of it, we’ve put together a few of our favourite loops for you to enjoy!

Fernie Golf and Country Club - Beginner
Begin at the Clubhouse and you’ll see a trail gently descending (not the steep descent at the kiosk but the trail to the North of the building). Quite early on another trail crosses but stay straight on the gentle descent. The trail will curve right and flatten out. When the snowpack is deep enough, there may be an option to cruise through the tighter trees. Take whichever route catches your fancy, they meet back up again. Stay right at the next couple junctions to find the straight shot back to the Clubhouse past the duck ponds and over the bridges.

Elk Valley Nordic Centre Cedar Loop  - Intermediate
Begin at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre Warming Hut and staging area. At the first two junctions go left, after that stay straight until you come to a split with the choice to turn right to go over the Teck Bridge or begin a climb to the left. Stay left at this  junction and start a short but very punchy climb with a sharp turn to the left. At the top of the climb the terrain flattens out quite nicely offering some quick skiing around the top of the plateau. Stay to the right to take advantage of all these trails have to offer before descending and turning right again to head back to the Warming Hut.

Elk Valley Nordic Centre Galloway and Cedar Loops - Advanced
Begin at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre Warming Hut and staging area. At every junction you come to, go right, until the right turn that is the connector to Fernie Alpine Resort. Do Not go right there as this trail takes you to FAR and does not loop back to the EVNC. Instead stay on the Galloway Loop and then take every right to get back to the Cedars and climb up Lizard Lookout hill to find the beautiful Cedars Loop. Keep taking every right to find your way back to the Warming Hut and staging area. May we suggest enjoying this loop on a weekend so you can relax on the couches in front of the wood burning stove after?

The above loops are groomed regularly for both classic and skate skiing. These trails are very Nordic skier friendly and do not have dogs, hikers or snowshoers on them. You can purchase a season’s membership or day pass at or by dropping cash off at the trail entrance kiosks.

Made Bragg is a passionate Nordic skier and the administrator of the Fernie Nordic Society.