Women in Sport

The great thing about sport, is that anyone and everyone can participate. Choose your sport, choose your day, and choose your gang.

You also get to choose your attitude when you show up, and on any given day who knows what that might look like, or how it might be affected by things going on inside and around us.

Some of the positive aspects of participating in sport with friends is that you always have support, hopefully a ton of laughs and maybe that one person in the group who raises the bar a bit, eggs you on, maybe shows you how it’s done once or twice, and continues to motivate you.

I have noticed with women in sport, some prefer being coached by other women, while others are ok with coaching coming from another source. What motivates or empowers one person doesn’t necessarily apply to the next. There is certainly something to be said for finding the right mentor, coach or teacher to help us grow, learn and develop in areas that we are spending time and energy in.  

Fernie’s Snow School is comprised of approximately 130 pros, all ages, all abilities, with almost half of the group being women pros. We have a number of top certified women, five of whom have their Level 4 CSIA teaching certificate, which we are very proud of. The core group of our top women pros have been coaching with us on our mountain for 10++ years, so they know the terrain intimately, 
they know how to read the mountain and conditions on any given day, which allows guests to get the most out of their time. Our school offers specific programs that cater to women, coached by our top women.

Here are a few of them:

Ladies All Mountain Program. This starts at the beginning of January each year and runs for eight weeks, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays.  Ladies of all ability levels come together for a three-hour session on snow, coached by our top women pros. Groups are put together based on ability, who wants to ski with who, and which coach they prefer to work with. It is a super fun, supportive environment where the participants learn skills and change their mindset to be able to challenge different conditions and terrain.  

Early Girls Program. This runs for eight Sundays and gives participants early morning lift access at 8am. This program is geared towards the more confident skiers who are able to ski most of what the mountain has to offer, and are guided and coached by our top women pros. It is a fantastic opportunity to get some first tracks, ski some untouched grooming or fresh snow, and put in a solid three-hours of skiing at the start of the day.  

Private Lessons. When you book a private lesson, you have the opportunity to request who your instructor will be. If you are new to Fernie then give us an idea of what sort of coaching experience you are looking for, and we can match you up. If you have skied and taken a program or session with us, then you likely have a favourite coach. 

Make sure you come play with us, so we can help you have the best mountain experience possible!

See you on the slopes.