Wear Denim

Denim. My numero uno.

I looove summer, but giirrrrl, do I love to wear jeans. They’re my staple, and that’s a tough spot to be in when the temps are hitting anywhere over 22 degrees (that’s my cut off). This summer (can we call it that when it’s 3 degrees in the morning?) has been kind to the jeans lover. I’ve been able to squeeze in quite a few days in my fave jeans and tee combo. The beauty of mountain living is that even on warmer days, it usually cools off in the evening - perfect for denim! I (clearly) have a thing for jeans, but there is so much more in the denim world. Shorts, skirts, dresses, jackets, tops, jumpsuits – it’s endless. Denim can be worn all year long. You can turn any item into the perfect garment to wear from season to season.

The rise of the skinny jeans in the early 2000s was fast and furious. EVERYONE wore them, and there wasn’t much else available. While the denim trend has moved past the skinny obsession, there is still something to be said about the perfect pair of black high-waist skinny jeans. They will forever (that’s a bold claim I may one day take back) be the ideal accompaniment for every top that you own. Call them your go-to, your saviour, your salvation – they get you, and will always do you a real service. All hail the black skinny! Pick up the perfect pair of Levi Mile High Super Skinny jeans from Freyja.

While the skinny popularity might never truly leave our closets, it’s clear that the wider, more relaxed-fit, vintage style jeans are having their moment. Volcom has the skinnies slightly looser cousin, the straight leg, and they’re available at Edge of the World. They have a high waist, fit straight through the hips and have managed to pull off the distressed, well-loved look without going over the top.

My favourite denim skirt is the RVCA high rise Jolt Denim Skirt. It is the perfect colour, the ideal length, rigid, vintage look to the denim and a high waist. Pop on a white tee, some sneakers and sunnies and you will look just right.

Easy to wear over anything/everything, the Billabong Sun Seeker Overall from Boardstiff will have you relaxing into your day. It has a slightly fitted bodice, a relaxed fit through the thigh and tapers at the leg. Be it the beach, couch or lunch these fun overalls will have you coverall’d (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

Denim short’s are easily one of the most popular items in warmer weather. They are as versatile as jeans – they go with everything. No. 3 Boutique has a great brand, Articles of Society, in-store and their Meredith shorts are super cute. Tattered hems and loose threads give these high-waisted cutoffs a well-worn and well-loved appeal.

To complete your denim experience, throw on the Levi’s Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Jacket from Freyja. It’s big, long and loose with an extra-relaxed silhouette for an oversized look. You can wear it over anything, which again, is the best part about denim.