Training for March

Looking ahead into March...

March 3-5 Extreme Griz Competition
The low down: The Extreme Griz Competition separates the mighty from the weak. You must be able to tell a tall tale, move large objects, start fires in the wilderness, travel through snow quickly, and a variety of other tasks that will be sure to challenge and excite!

Training musts: This fun competition is more one to prepare for than train for. Great costume essentials are fur hats (or fur anything), golden horns and silver muskets. If you are gunning for the win, a solid beard and ability to drink beer and walk are attributes previous winners have in common.

March 20 Little Critter XC Race (Fernie Nordic Society)
The low down: Criterium style ski where competitors complete as many fun laps of a short course as possible in the 40-minute time limit. For every lap of the course completed the skier puts his/her name in for draw prizes. Geared to cross-country skiers aged 12 and under. This is a fun, casual race! Parents can tag along on their XC skis too. Meet at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre. Sign up begins at 5:30pm and race begins at 6pm. Headlamps will be needed! Free for members, day ticket required for non-members.

Training musts: As a competitive individual, I was amazed at how exciting having my own kids in a race was! Children 12 and under should do a short warm up prior to any race and have had a snack 30-60 minutes before racing. Make sure they are dressed appropriately, including a warm layer to wear before the race that can be easily removed just before they begin. Having water during theevent and a good snack after are also key to happy children. When entering your children in this event, remember the goal is fun. Children can be quite anxious prior to races so keep reminding them of this goal.

Looking ahead: Base Training for Summer Events
The low down: Base training is the name given to the training that teaches your body to utilize oxygen as efficiently as possible. Base training is typically long and steady, undertaken at a moderate intensity, which allows your body to make the necessary adaptations. Winter, therefore, is the perfect time to build your base.

Training musts: Starting approximately 12 weeks before your season begins, you want to be doing strength, functional and aerobic training. As you graduate each week, decrease your strength training intensity (higher reps and fewer days) and increase your aerobic training from long and slow to adding speed intervals within it. Functional training should continue approximately once weekly to prevent overuse injury.