Three Poses to Kick Start Your Day

The season of winter brings with it many changes, some are welcoming and others challenging. On cold winter days I look forward to supper simmering in the crockpot, nestling into my couch, covered with as many throw blankets as it can hold, and I reserve the thickest mug to hold my tea. One challenge many of us find is the change in our posture and how we hold our body. Whether it’s rounding the shoulders as we brace against the wind, sleeping in a curled up fetal position, or the long glorious days semi-bent while skiing downhill. Our spine requires a full-range of movement in all directions every day in order to stay both strong and supple.

To contrast the over roundedness of winter months, a mini back bending sequence will stretch and extend the spine and hips bringing a natural energetic openness to the body, preparing you for your day. Take ten minutes in the morning to practice, and you’ll start to feel the imminent effects. Over time be sure to add side extensions and gentle twists for a complete spinal reset.

Come onto your hands and knees, stacking your shoulders over your wrists and your hips over your knees. Begin to move your spine in a rhythmic motion: Beginning from the tailbone to crown with every inhalation, arch your back and lift your sitting bones and chest into Cow; with every exhalation (again from tailbone to crown), round your back and tuck your chin and pelvis into Cat.

Table Top Variation
From all fours, lift your belly in toward your spine. Extend your right leg and left arm. Bend your right leg and take hold of your foot with your left hand. Press your foot into your hand as you begin to twist and open your chest into a backbend. Try gazing up. Repeat on the other side.

Low Crescent Lunge
From Downward Dog, step your left foot between your hands, ground down your back knee and isometrically draw your front heel to your back knee and back knee to front heel, drawing up through your pubic bone, stretching your back hip flexor. Lift the sides of your waist, then lift the front of your pelvis as your tailbone descends. Bring your arms alongside your ears and gaze up. Exhaling, release and switch sides.

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