Sun’s Out, Guns Out

July is my second favourite month. Flip flops, ice cream, BBQ’s and river floats. It’s also the month before my birthday (but who’s counting?). Of the twelve months in the year, I feel July’s weather is the one to take advantage of. Attempting to do most of my physical activity outdoors becomes rather easy with help of great weather and warm temperatures. Fitness friends and I often use the term ‘Sun’s Out, Guns Out’ when planning workouts during the summer months and find the term incredibly fitting as they often entail short bursts of high intensity work combined with slower strength focused movements. Incorporating these into our routine, ranging between two and four days a week, is a nice way to keep balance in the body. Building strength, while elevating stamina and speed, often relaying over to other sports such as biking or running.

I can say with full confidence that these workouts have increased my muscle mass while improving mountain biking ability. One thing to keep in mind is rest between sets. This is extremely important if the weights you are using happen to be on the heavier side or you are coming back from an injury. Essentially, taking adequate amounts of time between to ensure quality movement patterns that are performed safely. Lastly, keep in mind that the running and burpees are meant to simply elevate the heart rate. Do not go to total exhaustion on this portion. Start slow and gradually increase time or speed when the body feels ready. There is no rush and it needs to be fun.

Below are four workouts I thought you may enjoy. Consider taking them outside onto your street or park nearby. Oh and for the record, it’s not weird to do a workout in public. If you think you might feel a little awkward the first few times, grab a friend or two, space yourselves and get ready to hustle.

*This month will require a single or pair of dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbag or heavy pack. Get creative in what you could use at home if you don’t have any of the above.