Summer Tune-Up

Summer in Fernie is FULL ON. Whether you are a hiker or paddler, are biking the gnarly terrain or sitting at a desk, we all face the requirement of taking care of our body in order to maintain it for the coming adventure. 

Below are simple exercises to help decrease tension, increase mobility and improve posture. Some side effects may include, but are not limited to, deeper breathing and feeling great.

1) From the ground up

  • Roll ball at these three areas on your feet;
    • Forward from heel,
    • Peak of the arch,
    • Ball of the foot
  • ROLL slowly: side to side ß  à
  • OR Compress ball

2) Side Body Stretch

  • On your knees, forehead to the floor and arms extended overhead
  • Walk your hands and upper body to the right
  • Option to rotate chest open towards the right
  • Left armpit towards the ground
  • Repeat opposite side

3) T-spine Mobility

  • Lie on foam roller or bolster (perpendicular to spine)
  • Feet down, hips up and hands behind head, chin to chest
  • Slowly release hips towards ground and drop head back to comfortable position
  • Repeat above actions along your mid and upper back

4) Active Twist

  • Sit on heels or straddle a prop for support
  • Hand at base of skull
    • elbow to sky, open twist
    • elbow to elbow, twist
  • No movement in the low back

Give yourself a 5-10 minute window to complete these exercises in the morning or evening. Listen to your body, it will give you all the feedback you need and do not continue if you feel pain.

You can attend a group Stretch Class with Julie at Soar Studios or visit for information on exclusive classes.