Summer Adventure Guiding

The powder days are over and the Griz has gone to sleep. So many winter adventures were had, and adventure guides are now transitioning to their summer gigs. Fernie always has something going on and the summertime is no exception. I decided to survey some of the summer adventure guides in the Valley. These well-trained individuals take out groups of people, manage risks specific to the activities in their environment and take individuals or groups to our local beautiful places. I was able to get some perspective, ultimately learning what guides love about the environments they work in and the people they play with. I wish I could have asked a few guides from each company, this would be ideal, but there are just too many!

Greggor Wood from Canyon Rafting had his first day back with clients this weekend and said, “It’s so great to be back on the Elk River showing customers everything the river has to offer. Rafting the lower portion of the Elk River showcases nature’s power and beauty throughout 16km of rapids and deep canyon walls. There are also majestic birds of prey and surprise encounters from the local Flora and Fauna all whilst running exciting rapids that truly get your adrenaline pumping. Every day is filled with completely different experiences on the Elk and I couldn’t be more stoked to be sharing these experiences with great clients once again.”

Brian Larsen, owner of Bow River Guiding Company who shares his passion for wildlife, horseback riding and adventure, stated, “I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to develop a relationship with a herd of horses. To work with horses in a natural remote landscape has been an epic and challenging learning experience. Horses are very good therapy to be around and certainly add considerable value to backcountry touring. To share my experience and knowledge guiding with others on horses, has, and continues to be, some of the most rewarding work of my lifetime.” 

Duncan Maisels with Hike Fernie who is easily found with a coffee in hand shared, “I love the life-long-learning of time spent in the mountains, and more than that, the continuing delight of sharing those discoveries with great clients.”

If you’re not into white water rafting or horseback riding but you’re still wanting to take in the gorgeous river views in the backcountry you should try fly fishing. Maybe fishing isn’t your catch and instead those peaks are calling your name. There are multiple skilled hiking guides to assist your quest to the summit. You have choices from white water rafting, paddle boarding, fly fishing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, hunting and probably more. There are many great companies leading the way in adventure tourism, check out Tourism Fernie’s website if you want to learn more about these companies, guides and what they have to offer. The backcountry is waiting for you!