Springing Back to the ‘90s

It’s the year 2019, but when you walk into any clothing store at the moment, it feels a lot like 1995 and I’m here for it. It’s not a secret that I am stuck in the ’90s. Be it music or fashion, it is, without a doubt, my favourite decade. High waisted mom jeans – sign me up! Sneakers with any and every dress – Absolutely! Denim skirts – LOVE! Ribbed t-shirts – Yes, please!

So in the spirit of the best decade that ever was, here are a few outfit suggestions, that you can buy in Fernie, that will have you inspired to embrace the ‘90s!

I walked into Commit Snow and Skate, and my eyes literally turned into love hearts (yes, literally). RVCA (pronounced Ruca) have basically picked my mind for my favourite ‘90s wear and Commit is full of it! I fell in love with the RVCA Conquer denim dress. Slightly fitted with buttons all the way down the front, it’s just got the perfect silhouette. Pop that on with a ribbed knit RVCA Seasons Change top, add a corduroy Vissla Stoked hat and you are basically transported back in time.

Freyja has Levi’s.
FREYJA HAS LEVI’S! The good vintage styles too. I had my eyes on some boyfriend shorts, but they were snapped up before I got in there. They still have some denim jackets and overalls to keep us all happy though. Talking about happy, the Vero Moda Denim pencil skirt made me downright joyful! High waisted and knee length, it would go perfect with a cropped top which took me about two seconds to find. Richer Poorer do a great boxy long sleeve tee. It has a loose crop look but if you’d rather a little tighter fit, grab a size down. A super simple outfit which I love, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the BEST woven shirt by Plenty that I saw at Commit. It would go perfectly when worn open over the top (it’s a little more ‘70s than ’90s, but you won’t hold that against me because we’re friends, right!?).

Flannel is to the ’90s what Winona was to Johnny. EVERYTHING! Edge of the World has the most perfect-cropped dark flannel shirt by Volcom (I bought one on the spot!). It could be worn with almost any bottom – jeans, skirt, shorts - but Edge has some high waisted, slightly distressed, Volcom Super Stoned Skinny jeans, which have a great 90’s cut. If you want to turn it up a little more, add a bucket hat.

Seeing them appear back in the store is beyond rad. It was hard for me to pick just a few outfits, as there were so many choices. As usual, Fernie is bringing it. For a small town in the mountains, they sure know how to dress. Spring is well and truly here and time is moving on – even if I say ‘90s forever!

And remember, your sneakers can be worn with everything!