Six tips to Feeling Good in a Bathing Suit

Hurray! The season of sunshine, board shorts, and bikinis is finally here! No doubt you are hoping to rock your swimwear feeling the best you can, here are a few tips to help you achieve your goal.

1. Work your abs! A quick morning abdominal routine may help keep you feeling tight and tall. One of my favourites is to alternate as many push ups as you can (pain free, keep your stomach sucked in and bum tight) with as many elbow to opposite knee crunch and kick outs (hands behind your head, knees up, twist and lift your elbow to opposite knee as you kick the other leg out, changing sides and keeping your stomach in and kicking higher if you feel any lower back discomfort). Alternate between the two exercises five times without stopping.

2. Do some cardio! Get sweating at least three times per week by exercising without stopping for 20 or more minutes. You should go as hard as you can while being able to hold a conversation. Speed walking, jogging, biking, or swimming are a few ideas.

3. Be conscious of what you eat! Try to avoid those bowls of chips or excessive hotdog weekends. Instead, make healthy snacks convenient by pre-cutting fruit or veggies for your snack bowls. Make sure you are snacking every three to four hours so you don’t get a sugar low, no longer being able to resist temptations such as ice cream and junk food. If you’re going to indulge, try decreasing your portion size or share with a friend. Justify your higher calorie snacks with some after snack activities.

4. Stay hydrated! Water is not only amazing for your skin, but it will help you decrease your appetite, and give you more energy throughout the day. If you are participating in vigorous activities in the heat, you may want to hydrate with an electrolyte drink to help prevent cramping or heat stroke. Try to avoid soft drinks.

5. Stay strong! Even going to the gym twice weekly and doing a quick circuit training routine can do wonders for toning your beach body. Feeling strong feels good!

6. Have good posture! Try to avoid slouching while on the beach even if you are feeling like your bikini is a bit too insy winsy. Instead, lift your rib cage up, suck in your abs and throw on a smile to make all wonder what you are up to. After all, it is summer and you might as well enjoy it!

Give us a call if you need some help creating a routine that is personal for you or if it is just too hot out and you want to work out with us in the air conditioning. Have a fun, safe summer and don’t forget the sunscreen!