Outdoor Workout Equipment

Sitting between the Fernie Aquatic Centre, Splash Park and Dirt Bike Park, lies five new pieces of equipment. This is an awesome addition to our community but so far, I have yet to see anyone but kids playing with it. First and foremost the goal of this fitness equipment is to get everyone moving, so good job kids, but those of you who have yet to try it might be surprised by this fun new way to keep “Fernie Fit.”

1. Just do it! It is suggested that you approach it initially as play and try the variety of movements that it promotes with no emphasis on specific number of repetitions. Give them a try and you will soon feel what muscles each piece is for. The movements are self-explanatory. Remember to keep good posture and your abdominals sucked in, as well as start at a comfortable pace.

2. Choose a time. The goal of consistent workouts (ie two times weekly) should be your primary focus at the beginning of any fitness program. Being consistent with your days and times (ie Tues, Thurs at 11am) makes it easier to accomplish regular exercise. You may want to plan it around your child’s swimming lesson or meet a friend after work.

3. Set a timer. Once you have committed yourself to a time, you are going to begin where you can. I like to set a goal of 10-20 minutes without stopping for beginners. Rotate between the exercises doing as many repetitions at each station as you can until your timer goes off. If you need to, you can walk or jog laps around the Aquatic Centre to give you an active break and complete your goal time. Remember, you should never work through pain and you should always be able to talk while exercising. Also remember that the goal is to get you moving and to enjoy it, so try to have fun!

4. Progress.
Progress you workouts gradually with no risks. Listen to your body and avoid any excessive discomfort, which could set you back. As you get more advanced, you can try to set 30- to 60-second intervals at each station.

End your exercise session with stretches, holding each for approximately five slow breaths. With consistency, you will reap the many benefits of exercise: Feeling good, increased flexibility, increased strength, increased endurance, better health, greater vitality, living longer, increased productivity and just being outdoors… So get out there and give it a try!