Movement for Mental Health

Holy crow it’s May! A few things that stick out for me this month include fresh flowers, earlier sunrises, bike rides, and longer days with warming temps. The month of May is also when outdoor workouts start to become a regular occurrence in my household. Unlike last year, where friends would come over everyday for an hour of fitness, we will be doing it a little differently this time around. Many of you have already shifted to an online platform that has allowed us to keep up with fitness and movement from home, while still feeling a sense of community. It has been incredible to witness so many people choosing to prioritize their health and wellness by keeping up with a fitness routine of some sorts. Committing to move, setting online sweat dates and keeping a sense of normalcy in the current situation we are all living through. You are impressive Fernie, truly impressive.

Whether we are aware of it or not, movement is a form of medicine and staying active helps reduce stress and anxiety. Getting your heart rate up and sweating once a day releases the feel good endorphins that I’m going to go ahead and say, we could probably all use right about now. Choosing to focus on the positive over the negative is a technique that could aid in feeling happy during times of uncertainty. I can’t speak for anyone else, but the amount of quality time I’ve got to spend with my partner and kids, long walks with no timeline, embracing the feeling of no obligations, mid-day coffees, reading books, afternoon yoga, morning workouts. Many of us now have time in our day for these types of activities. Time to unwind and discover the silver lining, and for that, I am grateful.

Since being home, my family and I have been doing this workout a few days per week. Being home creates a perfect opportunity to add fitness into the family’s daily routine. Ask your partner or children to join you in this spicy Tabata style workout that can be done at home and modified as needed with no equipment. So please, stay home, stay safe and whatever you do, don’t stop moving. Your mental health matters and will thank you.

Warm up:

2 rounds.

30s of each movement with a 10s transition into the next.

            - Jumping jacks.

            - Squat to jump backs.

            - Inchworm to plank * hands walk back to feet.

            - High knees

            - Reverse lunge to high knee with a 1s pause at top. * 30s left and right.

            - Plank shoulder taps.


4 rounds:

20s on 10s off

            - Burpees.

            - Squats * opt to add jump.

            - Mountain climbers. * opt to go slower or faster.

            - Alternating reverse lunge * opt to add jump.

            - Opposite knee to elbow.

            - Push ups.  * come to knees or elevate torso.

Rest 1 min.

Repeat 3 more rounds.


3 rounds:

            -20s hover hold immediately into 20s max push ups.

* modify by coming to knees or elevating body to wall for hover and push ups.