For the Love of Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I freaking love Christmas. It is so magical. One of my absolute favourite things to do is walk along 2nd Ave in the evening. The stores are open a little later (thank you late night shopping), the sky is the dark and moody blue that only happens in the middle of winter, the lights adorning the trees are ambient and warm, the snow glistens, and my heart swells with love for this town.

After the Hallmark card picture I just set for you, why wouldn't you take a walk downtown and while there support our local businesses. Christmas shopping! Have you finished? Have you even started? Do you plan to do your usual Christmas Eve mad dash (or is that just me?)?

I've gathered some fun items. A range of locally-found treasures that will help you buy for almost anyone in your life – or, for yourself. 'Tis the season, after all.

For the Cheese Lover
Charcuterie board from Ouiman's Woodworking available at Interior Envy.
Charcuterie boards are having a real moment. A cheese platter has always been a good idea, but when you add an oversized wooden board and pile fruit, crackers, cured meat, nuts, spreads and of course cheese onto it, it really turns into a delightful opportunity to share a meal. And who can say no to a charcuterie board locally made by one awesome company, and sold by another?

For the Eco Lover
Le Marché Shopping Bag available at The Green Petal
I know it doesn't sound present worthy – a grocery bag. But, these French-inspired shopping bags are something special. They're lightweight, can carry a lot and are a gorgeous alternative to plastic. Available in a selection of colours, I want each one, and I'm sure your eco-lover will want one too.

For the Art Lover
A local piece of artwork from The Fernie Arts Co-op
With over 50 local artists displaying their work around the walls of the Fernie Arts Co-op, you will be sure to find the perfect gift for the art lover in your life. Memories of Fernie encapsulated in artwork that will be treasured forever. There really is something for everyone.

For the Book Lover
To Speak for the Trees by Diana Beresford-Kroeger available at Polar Peak Books.

If the person you are buying for loves to curl up with a good book that broadens their understanding of the world, then the startling insights in To Speak for the Trees, including the discovery of mother trees that live at the heart of a forest, will spark a quiet revolution in their mind. It is a powerful book about why trees matter, and why trees are a viable, achievable solution to climate change – this might be a good one for the eco lover in your life, too!

For the Crystal Lover
One of the hundreds of different varieties of crystals available from The Good Earth

If you are looking for a crystal in Fernie, then The Good Earth is your go-to store. If you're after some advice, I highly recommend talking to Ari (the store owner). He will take a little of your time for an insight into why you're buying the crystal, who it is for, and the intention. That's his secret power, he is in tune with the Earth, and can provide exactly what you are looking for – even when you didn't realize it's what you needed. Ari will have you walking out with the perfect crystal – and leave you wondering what just happened – bonus, you also get to check out their brand new location!

For the Candle Lover
Magnolia Home Candles from The Green Petal

It's not only Chip that's in love with Joanna Gaines. We all are. She's the shiplap loving interior queen that can do no wrong. When I saw the Magnolia Home candles, I knew that they would smell like a dream. I was right, and they come in a variety of fresh scents that will delight any room.

For the Bath Lover
Portofino Robe from The Urban Settler

The only thing that makes a hot bath any better is getting out and wrapping yourself with the most luxurious robe. The Portofino Robe is the softest, coziest, most wrap-yourself-up-and don't-ever-take-it-off robe that you will come across.

Disclaimer - I may have bought one and I may find an excuse to wear it every day.

For Absolutely Anyone – Every single person in the world, yes, every single one.

Pampering package from Spa 901
To be given the gift of self-care can never be overlooked. Spa 901 not only has wonderful packages available but afterwards, you can relax in the best hot tub in town. We all deserve some me-time or friend-time. They have two people packages, so buy a gift for your friend and treat yourself while you’re at it.

It is Christmas after all.