Let Them Eat Cake

Whether your wedding cake is at the top or bottom of your “to do” list, these tips from cake expert Amy Cardozo will help to ensure you have a cake that best represents you on your special day. 

Choose your cake design after you’ve made your big decisions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a bride change their design months later after they’ve purchased their dress or invitations.
Spend some time surfing social media, Pinterest and Google, and bring the pictures of your favourites to your cake designer and have them help you mix them up to create an original design that is uniquely you! 
Talk to your cake designer about your budget. Be honest about it! Letting your designer know means they can work with you on ways to incorporate your favourite ideas in realistic and affordable ways. A cascade of gumpaste flowers can translate very nicely into one larger statement piece. 
Portions determine cake size. Not the other way around. The number of people you need to serve is more important than how many tiers you think your cake should have. If your numbers are low and you envision a five-tier cake, you can make it up with dummy tiers but keep in mind, they aren’t free.
Do a tasting consultation! This is a great time to get your groom involved. The last thing you want is a dried out cake! It needs to taste AND look good or it’s not worth your time.
Choose a flavour that you want. This is your wedding. Don’t worry about what will be more popular, or be afraid to choose a non-traditional flavour such as chocolate mint, piña colada, or chocolate chip cookie dough!
Make sure you like the cake designer’s style. Buttercream vs. fondant is an important decision. Some designers are comfortable working with both mediums. Check their portfolio to ensure their style matches the cake you have in mind. 
Put some thought into your cake table. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made a gorgeous cake for a bridal couple only to get to the venue to find the table cloth is wrinkly and the background includes things such as electrical wires, door frames, chairs, or even a fire extinguisher. Avoid photo regrets and ensure your tablecloth is ironed and use a simple fabric backdrop to hide things you don’t want to see in photos with you and your beautiful cake later on.
Amy Cordozo is the owner and operator of the popular café/bakery Crumbs Cakery in Sparwood, BC.

Photo by Amy Cardozo