Hit Makers

What do a cup, a T-shirt, a chair, and a board have in common? They’re sure to be high notes at your next summer outing, Wapiti included.

Red or White or Green All Over
At this year’s Wapiti, you can buy a metal cup designed for red or white wine that’s just as stylishly reusable as those clutched the last two years by fellow concertgoers of the beer-loving persuasion. The new wine cup is one more way the festival’s organizers support the environment as well as indie music. As Wapiti Artistic Director Chantel Vincent explained to me in an email, always going greener is part of the festival’s DNA. “A year ago we received a Green Award [from Wildsight Elk Valley for Greenest Event] and it struck me that we didn’t set out to win green awards for our initiatives. We are just trying to do the right thing and find better ways each year to be green and sustainable for many more years of music.” I’ll drink to that.

Reusable metal wine cup: $15, Cup and serving of wine: $20, (wine: $7 per serving), at Wapiti Music festival.

A Fashion Home Run For Festival-Going and Beyond
A lot of Caitlyn Bellavance’s clothes are attention-getters. Think holographic bikinis, metallic velvet tights and festival frock coats in shimmering brocade. In fact, the fashion designer and entrepreneur also designs transfixing circus and theatre costumes. Now she’s introducing a head-turning collection of baseball T-shirts and, for the first time, it’s a collection she didn’t sew herself in her Fernie-based studio. She’s still committed to creating ethically sourced and produced garments, though. Her Mom, who lives in China, helps her by working closely with the factory manufacturing her designs. The tees are offered in a variety of colours with contrasting trims. The embroidered embellishments, designed in collaboration with D.I.Y Or Die, may change so keep your eyes open. “I’m considering a spaceship with a little alien beaming up,” Bellavance said. “I’ll be switching it up.”

Bella.V.Co baseball T-shirts (Pastel blue with white details, Black with pink details, Black with neon yellow details and Black with yellow details), $100 each, at Cryptic Hive, 581 B 2nd Ave., and Etsy (BellaVbyCaits).

Sitting Pretty
The folks at Elk River Guiding Company know that after a long day of fishing/camping/hiking/whatever being cradled comfortably is vastly more appealing than sitting on the ground. No surprise, then, that they stock some great folding chairs. So I asked them for their thoughts on the ideal music festival chair. Their answer: the Helinox Beach Chair. Jess Vogler, the store’s retail manager, said, “With its higher back and sturdy feet you will be able to hang out all day comfortably, without sinking into the grass. Since it weighs less than 1.5 kg, you can carry the whole family’s chairs in one hand and still hold your Yeti cup in the other!” Paul Samycia, the company’s owner and outfitter, added, “This chair is awesome. It’s handled anything I have put it through while out camping and fishing. I always felt so bad throwing away all those other cheaper chairs that broke at the end of each season and now I don’t have to.”

Helinox Beach Chair, $189, at Elk River Guiding Company, 791 7th Ave., and elkriver.ca. The lightweight, folding Helinox Beach Chair has splayed legs and wider feet so it sits sturdily on grass or sand.

Music to a Snowboarder’s Ears
Lance Edwards, owner and manager of Elevation Showcase, had a major Marty McFly moment. Stopped in traffic while riding his OneWheel, “These guys rolled down their windows and said ‘Hey, are you from the future!’” Well, folks, the future is here and boarding no longer requires winter or a hill. Edwards describes Future Motion’s electric motorized board thusly: “Basically, it’s the most fun you can have on a single wheel.” So, what exactly makes it go? (And, by ‘go’ I mean the new OneWheel+XR can cover up to 29Km at speeds up to 30 km/h.) A single, rechargeable Hypercore brushless hub motor with solid-state inertial sensors and dynamic stabilization. [Cue: Audio of chirping crickets.]

Here’s the thing: Since he first started selling the boards last fall, he found that skateboarders and snowboarders get the hang of it right away but, he pointed out, it’s designed for everyone, kids included. “It’s a lot easier to ride than it looks,” Edwards told me, reading my mind. “I have seen four and five-year-olds riding it confidently. So cool to see.” Nervous parents take note: The app lets you put a governor on the speed. (What? You didn’t assume the board syncs to your phone?) Ride one to Wapiti and you won’t have to park it with the bikes–it’s light enough to tuck under your arm. Now that’s forward thinking!

OneWheel+ XR, $2,500, at Elevation Showcase, 598 2nd Ave.