Green-up Your Workout

With Earth Day this month comes the wonderful reminder of reducing our carbon footprint. Consider the following ten green fitness challenges this Aril:

1. Walk/run/bike to work. Ditch those keys for some added fitness to your day! Start a challenge between co-workers or friends to see who can go the longest without driving.
2. Carpool or walk to the gym. Incorporate getting to and from the gym into the cardio portion of your workout. If you live too far, carpooling can be a great motivator to get to the gym.
3. Reusable water bottles. Try to avoid buying plastic bottles and instead refill your own. If you are into energy drinks, try to find powdered ones rather than pre-bottled.
4. Recycle your shoes. Nike’s “reuse-a-shoe” program takes old running shoes and recycles them into material to make tracks and fitness equipment. You can also send gently used shoes to “soles4soles,” where they are sent to various countries or simply take your gently used equipment to the Salvation Army!
5. Buy used equipment/DVD’s for home. If you are looking to add equipment at home, check Gear Hub in Fernie, the Salvation Army, Kijiji, or a used sporting goods store to see if you can find used equipment or fitness DVD’s.
6. Green up your clothes. Aside from using green laundry detergent or washing with cold water and hanging to dry, you can choose eco-friendly fitness clothes… and no, as green as it is, I don’t recommend naked exercise.
7. Exercise outdoors. There are many ways to build strength on an outdoor workout such as adding lunges, push ups, dips, and sit ups into your run or walk.
8. Find local races. Decrease your carbon footprint by staying local for races!
9. Refuel your body with fresh food. Finding locally grown fresh food is not only good for the environment, but it’s good for you! Try to avoid packaged and processed.
10. Make sure your gym is green. At Evolution Health and Fitness in Fernie, they have stopped selling water bottles and instead encourage members to refill their bottles or cups at the fountain. They also use all natural cleaning products.

Keeping these greener options in your fitness regime is a great way to kick off your spring and help make every day Earth Day!