Goal Crushing 101

Step one - set a goal

Step two - live with intention

Step three - crush goal.

Goal crushing is the act of setting and then crushing a goal. I know at some point or another, we’ve all set goals. We’ve worked towards them, smashed them right out of the park, and said to ourselves, “Damn it feels good to be a goal crusher!” I’m talking about those big, audacious goals we’ve worked towards for months, like the goal of drinking your coffee in the morning while it’s still hot.

When it comes to setting goals or intentions that surround health and wellness, it’s incredibly important to keep them realistic and sustainable. Setting yourself up for success by doing small things each day that bring you closer to the end result, all while enjoying the process it takes to get there. For some, recognizing that setbacks aren’t a reason to quit, but rather motivation to push on through. Whether you want to squat double your bodyweight, run a marathon, say ‘yes’ more often than ‘no,’ we need to clarify. What is our goal? Why is this my goal?

Once we have established the questions and clearly answered them, it’s go time. One of my daily intentions is to move, and my long-term goal is to inspire my girls. This means movement in some way or another most days. A walk with my little ones, yoga, sweating it out at a spin class or finding the time to squeeze in a workout. When I prioritize movement today, I can inspire tomorrow.

Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend that the “doing nothing” days are actually doing something. Let’s take meditation for example. If this is new to you, you’re likely sitting in stillness with cramped legs and tingly toes, the mind running a million miles an hour thinking of all the other things you could or should be doing. Meditation is hard, and it’s “just not for you.” Sound familiar? I get it, I have been there. But there you are, tingly toes and all, putting in the work that needs to be done to eventually find the stillness within. Give yourself a pat on the back, be kind with yourself, and start to enjoy the process.

As we move into November, let’s set an intention to move. On the days you’re feeling it, try this at home.

12 Minute AMRAP (as many repetitions as possible in the time allotted)

Ten Lunges (five per leg)

Ten Body Weight Squats

20 Mountain climbers


*Drive out of your front foot on the lunge and ensure the knees are over the ankle, not toes.

*Screw the feet into the floor for the squats to create external torque. Send the bum back, knees out and chest up.

*Bring the knees as high as possible during mountain climbers, making sure not to lift the hips and maintaining a straight line with your body.