Get Skipping

Do you remember Jump rope for heart? It is a Heart and Stroke Foundation fundraiser that encourages children to collect pledges and participate in a jump-a-thon at their school. To my surprise, 30 years later, it is still going on right here in Fernie and at approximately 4,000 schools across Canada! This has inspired me to help you get your skipping ropes out and get jumping this month!

Benefits of skipping:
There are MANY benefits to skipping including: ease, affordability, weight loss, cardio, agility, balance, increased bone density and a perfect option for a warm up, cool down or interval within a workout!

Skipping Technique:
1. Rope length: Bisect the rope at your feet and the handles should reach your sternum. This should allow the rope to tick the floor each revolution.
2. Posture: Stand straight with your abs in and butt tucked in. You should look forwards while skipping… and smile.
3. Arms: Your arms should sit close to your body with your elbows bent approximately 45 degrees and hands at approximately 10 and 2, placing your hands close to waist height. Keep your arms relaxed with a firm but not stressed grip on the handles.
4. Wrists: The rope is turned with your wrists, NOT your arms. This will significantly increase your efficiency when skipping.
5. Jump: Bend your knees and jump softly on the balls of your feet. Your heels should never touch. You should jump approximately ¼ to ½ inch off the ground.

Getting started:
1. Begin by practicing perfect skipping with the above technique. Do this until you can skip 100 in a row with perfect technique.
2. Try a timed interval, for instance one-minute on with one-minute break in between.
3. Progress to change up your technique. You can try crossovers, double jumps, alternating legs, high knees or skipping while jogging. (Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you trip!)

After you skip:
Finish your skipping session with a calf stretch. One easy way to stretch your calves is to stagger your legs and lunge forward by bending your front knee keeping your back heel down. Don’t forget to drink water too!

Visit for more information or to donate. Happy skipping!