Get Ready for Spring

As write this, it is dumping with snow and it’s hard to imagine that soon we’ll have to be ready for a different set of sports. Do be caught unprepared, because it will melt! This month is a great time to begin your transition in the gym and start getting ready for summer as with May comes the first golf and bike events of the season.

May 9: Ladies’ opening golf tourney,
The low down: Two-person alternate shot. Shotgun start with dinner and prizes to follow.

Training musts: Obviously time spent on the golf course is one of the best ways to get ready for a tournament, but with all this snow, this event could very well be opening day!  Instead, get yourself to the gym as soon as possible and start working on flexibility and core exercises. Weighted torso twists using the cables or bands, ball side-to-side crunches, single leg stiff-legged deadlifts, and rotator cuff theraband exercises should all be part of your pre-season program so you start out balanced and strong! Try for 10-15 reps of each slowly and with good golf posture. Start and end your session on the treadmill, either walking or running to boost your cardiovascular system. Arm circles five in each direction in a pain free range any time in the day will help improve flexibility. Even though you swing a club one direction, train both directions to avoid imbalances and make your swing stronger.

May 17: Men’s opening golf tourney,
The low down: Two-person best net. Shotgun start with dinner and prizes to follow.

Training musts: Same goes for the men as the ladies, see above!

May 20: Spring bike blitz and mud munchers kids race
The low down:  A celebration of the beginning of biking season!

Training musts: It is time to start preparing for biking season! Use April to address any nagging ski injuries and get your body strong so you can bike hard and not hurt. Improving your cardio in the gym on the bike or treadmill will benefit you on your first few rides.  Getting your knee stability solid by doing single leg squats, hamstring curls and lunges will also help get you started on the right track. Push ups, lat pull downs and rows will also give your upper body a solid base to start your season and getting your core strong will improve your power. For the young kids, encourage them to go in the mud munchers race and get them excited for the Little Critters race series.