Get Fit to Ski

The much anticipated ski season is fast approaching. Here are eight exercises to help you get ready for the season!

1. Squat: Knees over toes, chest up.
2. Bent Over Triceps Kick Backs: straighten arms behind you, parallel to ground.
3. Body Twist: engage your abs and gluts (bum).
4. Left to Right Hop: start slowly and increase to ski speed.
5. Lunge and Twist: alternate legs, slowly twisting in both directions before standing.
6. Push Up: make sure to drop to your knees if you feel any discomfort.
7. Back Extensions: squeeze/engage your gluts prior to each lift.
8. Twist Jumps: face forward and keep knees over toes as you jump and land. Try for 180 degrees.

-All movements pain free, performed in a controlled manner.
-Do 10-20 each, one to three times through the list.
-For exercises with weights, start with 3lb or water bottles in hands and increase weight once you can comfortably perform 20 repetitions.
-Perform 3 times weekly, ideally starting with 5-20 minutes cardio or a range of motion warm up.
-Stretch and hydrate when you are finished.