The Freedom of Fitness

Ah, June. Hello Summer, adventure and hello freedom.

The time of year to dust off the ol’ hiking boots, bring out the bike, set up the tent and shift into all day adventure mode.

Here’s a fun fact; I didn’t always find the joy I do now in adventuring, creating healthy habits or the absolute bliss of being in nature. Simply put: I wasn’t aware of how good I could feel every day. And that’s okay because if you ask me, everyone has a starting point. Something happens in your life, an eye-opening experience or a moment of realization. For me, this was ten years ago when I walked past a mirror, happening to glance over becoming totally shocked at what I saw. Was this one of those weird mirrors where the angles change as you walk by? Nope. This was the real deal, me. Yes on a scale the number was higher, but more importantly, I felt slow, lethargic and unmotivated. Trapped, not free to do what I wanted. What about health and longevity? I didn’t feel freedom within my own body. This was my TSN turning point.

The next day I signed up to a local gym which offered group classes, the beginning of my journey in fitness. Did I enjoy it at first? No. Was I completely intimidated? Absolutely. Did it take me years to discover that a healthy lifestyle gave me a sense of freedom? 100%.
Eventually, my partner and I relocated, where he signed up to a Strength and Conditioning gym. With some nagging and convincing (fine, a lot of convincing) I went to my first class. I puked. Okay, I puked three times. But you know what? I was hooked. I loved witnessing how strong and mobile other females were. Being completely inspired by how they moved with fluidity throughout the workouts and the happiness they radiated afterwards, I had a goal; To move better, and give myself the freedom to grow. Fitness became part of our life, something we did together. Eventually thoughts of “Let’s do a Whole 30, climb mountains, heck let’s bike instead of drive.” This was the tip of the iceberg. Taking care to strengthen our bodies became addicting, we were creating our own freedom without realizing it.

Fast forward ten years. Here we are living a dream life in Fernie with freedom right out our door. Raising two magical little humans we strive to give them the choice to climb, play and adventure. To discover themselves and understand that nature is freedom.

Having the capability to move quicker, climb farther or carry heavier objects (a 40lb toddler mid-hike while having a meltdown for example) gives us the freedom to enjoy places we may not get to otherwise. This month I challenge you to pack your tent, your boots and backpack. Whatever it is you like to do, find your bliss and create your own

Adventure Prep

Try this at home 3-4 days a week.

3 rounds

25 bodyweight squats

20 lunges

15 burpees

10 push ups