Five Exercises to Get You Ski Season Ready

With the November nip in the air should come the motivation to get ready for a strong year on the ski hill. For optimal ski shape results, perform these five exercises three times each, three days weekly:

1. Bottom ¼ squat x 1 minute. Get yourself into a low pain-free squat (ideally quads are parallel to the ground) and go slightly up and then back down. Pulse back and forth in your ski or snowboard stance, with your kneecaps lined up over your second toe through the motion.

2. Alternate lunges x 1 minute. Hands on your hips to make sure you are not twisting, step two foot lengths ahead, bend both knees (back heel comes up, knees in line with second toe, upper body stays tall) and then push off your front leg so you are back to your start position and switch feet.

3. Push ups x 1 minute. Start with a full push up stance: hands below shoulders, body in a straight line. Bend and straighten your elbows while keeping this stance. If you start to lose this position, drop to your knees and continue. Make sure you breathe as you push up!

4. One leg, 45-degree jump turn x 10-15/leg. Start with one foot straight alongside a line on your floor and the outer foot off the ground. Jump and twist your body/foot 45 degrees so it is perpendicular to this line and then jump back to your start position without touching your other foot to the ground. If you have any knee discomfort, you can always start with your other leg lightly touching the floor, keeping most of your weight on one leg.

5. Elbow to opposite knee crunch and kick-out x 1 minute. On your back with your hands at your head, lift your shoulder blades off the ground and bring one elbow to the opposite knee. Your other leg straightens out. Keep your abdominals tight as you switch sides.

Please remember that everyone is starting from different fitness levels. If you have been previously inactive, you may want to start by checking in with your doctor and then only doing as many as you can rather than my outlined goals. Try not to rest when changing exercise to exercise so you can get a good cardiovascular workout at the same time.