Finding Your Fitness Friend

It’s January and that means many of us are starting off the New Year with the #FernieStreak. What is the Fernie Streak? It’s about setting the goal to do thirty minutes of self-propelled activity outdoors with intention for as many days in January as possible. For all you activity enthusiasts out there, this challenge is going to be right up your alley as we welcome another fun-filled year in Fernie.

I’ve previously discussed the benefits of committing to a person or group to aid us in holding ourselves accountable when it comes to reaching fitness goals, but what about using it as a way to connect or reconnect with friends? It’s common to associate food and beverage as a way of socializing, but what if we began to think outside the box and use physical activity instead? Planning a sweat date over sitting down to consume and indulge could be a great way to incorporate daily movement, spark new passions and form healthy habits. Establishing a friendship that is based around physical activity has the potential to keep you feeling supported, motivated and inspired as you continue to strive for your goals. A bond created by physical activity might even allow you to reach goals sooner and push yourself farther than what you would do on your own. Getting out for a 30-minute brisk walk, taking a class, or going for a cross country ski are all great ways to sweat and feel good together.

This month invite a friend to do something they may not typically do, support and inspire them to make their health a priority. You never know, you could be just what they need to take the plunge or ignite a newfound way to enjoy movement each day. After all, movement is medicine and when we support each other, incredible things start to happen. Grab a pal and do this spicy workout together in under 22 minutes either at home or in the gym.

8 round 30s on 10s off
- Burpees
- Skater lunge
- Mountain climbers
- Jump squats * warm up to this movement by doing the first two rounds as bodyweight squats without the jump.

* Modifications:
- Burpees: Step or jumping back into plank, bring your body down to the floor or stay in a high plank ( speed burpee), feet come to hands as you stand up reaching arms overhead.
- Skater lunge: Spice it up by adding a jump. Use arms for momentum while you drive up and out of the front foot.
- Mountain climbers: Coming onto forearms if wrists are bothered. Elevate torso by placing hands on a box or edge of a chair.
- Jump squats: If this movement is new to you, begin by doing bodyweight squats. Option to place a box or low chair underneath to sit down onto as a reference point. If doing jump squats ensure you are landing on the entire foot, not just the ball.

In all of these movements ensure the body is in alignment, the core is engaged and you are working with your breath.